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African Print Ties

African print ties are something we've had in the back of our mind for a while. We frequently received requests for Kente and other Afrocentric patterns, but it just wasn't something we had knowledge of. When we first decided to bring in African ties, we thought we could design or recreate the patterns ourselves. After careful research we discovered how elaborate the patterns can be, with each color, combination of colors and symbols having a different meaning. Realizing we were out of our league, we connected with a company that makes authentic African fabric in Mali, West Africa. We picked a few patterns and had the fabric sent off to have samples made. We were really blown away by how fantastic the ties looked. Made of 100% cotton, the colors are bold and vibrant. We showed the samples around town and received lots of positive feedback, including that the ties looked like wearable art.
You'll now find 23 styles of African printed cotton neckties at There are Kente prints, wax prints, mud cloth prints, animal prints and tribal prints, among others. If you're looking for a group of identical ties, we'll warn you now that these might not be right for you. Each tie is cut from a pattern bigger than the size of a necktie. (This same fabric is used to make traditional African clothing.) These patterns are often large and elaborate, so to not be wasteful we didn't make every tie identical within a print. The tie you receive, therefore, may vary slightly from the image displayed. Personally, we think that's rather neat since each tie is one-of-a-kind.
All prints are displayed below and available are for $9.95 each. We really can't get enough of these African print ties and hope you'll like them as much as we do.

Please note: Many of our African print neckties are now sold out. The following styles are subject to availability.  

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