A Guide To Football Team Colors

NFL Team Colors

American football as we know it originated from British rugby in the mid to late 1880s. As the rules of the game developed in the 20th century, the teams changed along the way. (Have you heard of the Kenosha Maroons or Chicago Cardinals?) Today, there are 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL). Each team has its own unique history, and team colors are a large part of this history. Some teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, have had very few changes to their team colors. Other teams have had more drastic color changes. The Green Bay Packers', today known for their iconic dark green and gold, originally wore navy blue and gold on the field. The Denver Broncos began playing in used gold and brown uniforms (with matching vertical striped socks). Two years later the team emerged in new navy blue and orange uniforms and held a public bonfire to burn their previous, much loathed uniforms. (A pair of the original gold and brown socks escaped the fire and is currently on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.)

Use this list as a quick reference to find the current colors of all 32 NFL teams.

Arizona Cardinals (NFC-West): Cardinal and Black
Atlanta Falcons (NFC-South): Red and Black
Baltimore Ravens (AFC-North): Purple, Black and Metallic Gold
Buffalo Bills (AFC-East): Blue and Red
Carolina Panthers (NFC-South): Black, Panther Blue and Silver
Chicago Bears (NFC-North): Navy Blue and Orange
Cincinnati Bengals (AFC-North): Orange and Black
Cleveland Browns (AFC-North): Brown and Orange
Dallas Cowboys (NFC-East): Navy Blue, Silver and White
Denver Broncos (AFC-West): Navy Blue and Orange
Detroit Lions (NFC-North): Honolulu Blue, Silver and Black
Green Bay Packers (NFC-North): Dark Green and Gold
Houston Texans (AFC-South): Deep Steel Blue, Battle Red and Liberty White
Indianapolis Colts (AFC-South): Blue and White
Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC-South): Black, Teal and Gold
Kansas City Chiefs (AFC-West): Red and Gold
Los Angeles Chargers (AFC-West): Powder Blue, Gold and Navy Blue
Los Angeles Rams
 (NFC-West): Blue and Yellow
Miami Dolphins (AFC-East): Aqua and Orange
Minnesota Vikings (NFC-North): Purple and Gold
New England Patriots (AFC-East): Nautical Blue, Red, New Century Silver
New Orleans Saints (NFC-South): Old Gold and Black
New York Giants (NFC-East): Royal Blue and Red
New York Jets (AFC-East): Green and White
Oakland Raiders (AFC-West): Silver and Black
Philadelphia Eagles (NFC-East): Midnight Green, Black, White, Silver and Charcoal
Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC-North): Black and Gold
San Francisco 49ers (NFC-West): Scarlet Red and Gold
Seattle Seahawks (NFC-West): Blue, Bright Green and Silver
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC-South): Red, Pewter and Black
Tennessee Titans (AFC-South): Titan Blue, Navy Blue and Red
Washington Redskins (NFC-East): Burgundy and Gold

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