Tau Kappa Epsilon Ties


Tau Kappa Epsilon Ties

Joining a fraternity is an important step in the lives of many college-age men. It provides a sense of belonging, community and service to others. It is also important to understand the symbolism and history of the fraternity you pledge to. For example, Tau Kappa Epsilon’s colors are crimson lake and pure silver. It is common for members of the group to wear Tau Kappa Epsilon tiespocket squares and other accessories to show their affiliation.

In terms of chapters, Tau Kappa Epsilon (also known as TKE or Teke) is the largest fraternity in the world. Its 292 active chapters can be found across the United States and Canada, and it also has affiliations with the German Corps of the Weinheimer Senioren Convent. TKE’s popularity is largely related to the fact that it has never barred members based on race or religion.

TKE alumni have gone on to serve the world in many roles, such as politicians, scientists, entertainers and authors. Notable Tekes include former president Ronald Reagan, musician Elvis Presley, Walgreens founder Charles Walgreen and many more.

TKE Colors and Symbols

The history of Tau Kappa Episilon is rich in symbolism. The group uses Apollo, Greek god of music and culture, to highlight their goals, aspirations and ideals. TKE also uses the equilateral triangle as a symbol of the development of a young man’s mind, heart and body.

The cherry or crimson color donned by all Tekes is taken from their official flower, the carnation. It is usually paired with a gray or silver hue, as can be seen in the frat’s coat-of-arms.

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