Necktie Trends: The Superhero Look


Superhero Tie Trends

April 1, 2015: A new trend in men's neckwear is sweeping the nation: the superhero look. Based on the study that standing in a superhero pose for 2 minutes a day can boost confidence, men are taking things a step further and wearing their tie down their back.

"I feel like a superhero when I flip my tie around," says Josh A. Broma, a Tiemart customer. "Especially on a windy day when the tie gets a lift and flies in the wind behind me like a cape. I'm unstoppable."
To try this look yourself, tie your tie in front as normal, leaving the knot a little loose. Spin the tie around so it falls down your back and tighten the knot. The longer and more flexible your arms are, the easier this will be.
As this trend emerges, questions still remain. Will this be the end of suit jackets? Will dress shirt collars be redesigned to accommodate a tie being worn down the back? What will happen to bow ties?
Get in on this trend today and you could win a free necktie. Snap a photo of yourself wearing a tie like a superhero and post it to Instagram with hashtags #tiemart and #aprilfools. Keep a lookout Monday, April 6, 2015 when we randomly select three lucky necktie winners. Good luck!

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