7 Iconic Tie Wearing Cartoon Characters


Tie Wearing Cartoons

When you think of neck wear, you probably think of an adult man, but our exposure to ties can actually start at a much younger age. Plenty of our favorite childhood characters have chosen to decorate their neck with a tie.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck wears a bright red bow tie to compliment his blue sailor suit for a look that, even decades later, is instantly recognizable. And while it’s true that Donald Duck never wears pants, you’ll rarely see him without his bow tie.

Clark Kent

Mild-mannered Clark Kent is often depicted wearing a necktie when he’s not saving the world as Superman. We are pretty sure the tie doesn’t keep him safe from kryptonite, but it is certainly a nice addition to his secret identity’s wardrobe.

Yogi Bear Green Tie

Yogi Bear

It’s hard to argue with a fashion choice made by one of the most recognizable cartoon characters ever. Yogi’s green tie (paired with a matching hat) is the easiest example of classic cartoon neckwear. For Yogi, being smarter than the average bear means dressing better than one too.

Krusty the Clown

Springfield’s troubled clown always dons a bow tie for every episode of his ever-popular children’s show. We think his not-quite-matched blue bow tie and light purple shirt lend themselves well to the off-color humor he’s known for.

The Cat in the Hat

You probably know this famous Dr. Seuss character for his namesake accessory, but he wouldn’t be the same without his floppy red bow tie. The character was an instant classic and he and his bow tie quickly joined the all-time bestsellers list for children’s books.

SpongeBob SquarePants

You should always avoid getting your tie wet, but for SpongeBob SquarePants, we’ll make an exception. The lovable resident of Bikini Bottom always wears a solid red tie for a business casual look that works for just about every occasion. We guarantee you will never see a better dressed fry cook.

Carl Fredricksen

Though Pixar’s Up protagonist may seem unfriendly at first, his bow tie is a hint of the gentle man hiding underneath his cranky attitude. Bow ties are meant to be fun and Carl’s is a solid representation of the joyful life he used to have with his wife before the events of the movie.

Red Bow Tie on Cat in the Hat

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