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Which Came First, The Bunny Or The Egg

Bunny and egg Easter themed necktie and plastic Easter necktie

Did you know bunnies are the only mammals that lay eggs? It’s true! A mama rabbit (or doe) can have up to 14 babies in one litter. This creates so much added weight that the doe would have a hard time moving around to find food. And because baby bunny eggs are laid in late winter/early spring, food is still scarce in most climates. The doe lays eggs so she and the male (a buck) can take turns keeping the eggs warm and safe while the other hunts for food.

A bunny nest typically resembles a basket made of twigs, straw and other natural materials found in their environment. Depending on the breed of bunny, the eggs are one of four pastel colors, pink, blue, yellow or green. (This is why we associate Easter with baskets and colored eggs.) As the eggs reach the point of hatching, they develop more of a brown, chocolatey hue. The average incubation period is 40 days. Once the babies hatch it is a matter of days before they learn to hippity hop around. So now you know and can tell all your friends, bunnies really do lay eggs!

April Fools!

Sorry to break it to you, but bunnies don't lay eggs!


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