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Sigma Phi Epsilon Ties

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Fraternities mean a lot to many young men in America. Camaraderie, service to others and the constant pursuit of personal achievement are just a few of the benefits college students can take away from Greek life. These men also gain an appreciation for the history and culture of those who joined these groups before them. Many find that the easiest way to celebrate the culture of a fraternity like Sigma Phi Epsilon is to wear a fraternity tie, pocket square or bow tie featuring the group’s colors: purple, red and gold.

Sigma Phi Epsilon (known to members as SPE or SigEp) has a history that spans over 100 years. It was founded in 1901 by Carter Ashton Jenkens, a student at Virginia’s Richmond College, as a group that would accept those who didn’t feel as though they fit in with the school’s existing frats. SPE quickly became one of the largest fraternities in America. It is estimated that there are currently more than 15,000 active, collegiate SigEps.

Today, you will find members of SPE in some of the most prominent positions in the US. SigEps have founded or lead some of the country’s best-known corporations, such as Chevron, UPS and Radisson Hotels. You will also probably recognize many members for their contributions to arts and culture. Comedian Andy Richter, actor John Goodman and children’s author Dr. Seuss are just a few of the entertainers who pledged to SPE.

The Symbolism and Colors of SPE

Virtue, diligence and brotherly love are the three Cardinal Principals of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Jenkens chose a golden heart as a symbol for the group that would remind members to embody these three values in their everyday lives.

Garnet and ruby gemstones adorned the edges of the first golden heart pins given to the fraternity brothers. Naturally, the colors of these gems—red and purple—were adopted into the group’s official color scheme. Whether you’re a new SigEp, or a member who graduated decades ago, you’ve come to the best place for Sigma Phi Epsilon ties, pocket squares and bow ties. Check out our great selection of fashion accessories for men before your fraternity’s next big event!


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