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Lime Green Cummerbund
Lime Green Cummerbund
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At the next occasion that calls for a tuxedo, add a cummerbund to your waist to create a timeless formal outfit. TieMart cummerbunds are available in a range of solid colors. Classic shades like black and red cummerbunds, as well as modern hues for weddings and prom.

Cummerbunds are traditionally worn as a set with a bow tie. Choose a bow tie in a matching color or a neutral like black. The bow tie style is your choice, but most wear pre-tied band collar bow ties with their cummerbunds.

Sometimes groups wear cummerbunds, too. It’s not unusual to see men and women wearing cummerbunds for dressy uniform attire in bands, banquet halls and other hospitality fields.

When your cummerbund arrives just remember: Pleats up. Cummerbunds should be worn with the direction of the pleats facing up.