Our Colors

Wedding colors, business colors, school colors, the color of your eyes. Sometimes you need ties in that perfect shade. Here at Tiemart, we offer an extensive color collection of ties, bow ties and accessories. Find your match by shopping hundreds of solid color and pattern ties below. If you're matching bridesmaid dress colors, popular color matches can be found on our wedding page. To see a color in person before you buy, request free color swatches today!

Green Ties

Seafoam Necktie

Bright Mint Necktie

Mint Green Necktie

Lime Green Necktie

Hot Lime Green Necktie

Spring Green Necktie

Grass Green Necktie

Emerald Green Necktie

Irish Green Necktie

Green Necktie

Kelly Green Necktie

Jade Necktie

Gem Necktie

Wasabi Necktie

Olive Green Necktie

Bridal Clover Necktie

Fern Necktie

Forest Green Necktie

Hunter Necktie

Tarragon Necktie

Seafoam Paisley Necktie

Mint Floral Necktie

Apple Green Chevron Necktie

Apple Green Paisley Necktie

Apple Green Link Necktie

Apple Green Floral Stripe Necktie

Apple Green Circle Pattern Necktie

Green Striped Necktie

Moss Green Striped Necktie

Green Floral Necktie

Dark Green Plaid Necktie

Dark Green Glen Plaid Necktie

Dried Sage Chevron Necktie


Blue Ties

Light Blue Necktie

Capri Blue Necktie

Powder Blue Necktie

Pale Blue Necktie

Cornflower Necktie

Pool Blue Necktie

Aquamarine Necktie

Mermaid Necktie

Oasis Necktie

Deep Aqua Necktie

Turquoise Necktie

Caribbean Blue Necktie

Azure Blue Necktie

Blue Necktie

Royal Blue Necktie

Horizon Blue Necktie

Sapphire Blue Necktie

Serene Blue Necktie

Loch Blue Necktie

Blue Velvet Necktie

Twilight Blue Necktie

Dark Navy Blue Necktie

Sky Blue Floral Stripe Necktie

Pastel Blue Paisley Necktie

Blue Striped Necktie

Turquoise Paisley Necktie

Turquoise Jeffrey Plaid Necktie

Denim Blue Striped Necktie

French Blue Floral Necktie

Brilliant Blue Floral Stripe Necktie

Dark Blue Circle Pattern Necktie

Dark Blue Link Necktie

Dark Blue Glen Plaid Necktie

Navy Blue Elite Striped Necktie


Purple Ties

Lilac Necktie

Lavender Necktie

English Lavender Necktie

Freesia Necktie

Wisteria Necktie

Victorian Lilac Necktie

Light Purple Necktie

Purple Necktie

Plum Violet Necktie

Orchid Necktie

Dark Orchid Necktie

Raspberry Necktie

Dark Purple Necktie

Amethyst Purple Necktie

Eggplant Purple Necktie

Lapis Purple Necktie

Pale Lavender Circle Pattern Necktie

Freesia Floral Stripe Necktie

Purple Paisley Necktie

Thistle Purple Square Pattern Necktie

Purple Striped Necktie

English Lavender Floral Stripe Necktie

Dark Lavender Link Necktie

Eggplant Paisley Necktie


Pink Ties

Tea Rose Pink Necktie

Princess Pink Necktie

Carnation Pink Necktie

Pink Necktie

Bright Pink Necktie

Bubblegum Pink Necktie

Hot Pink Necktie

Bright Fuchsia Necktie

Fuchsia Necktie

Magenta Necktie

Sand Pink Necktie

Blush Pink Necktie

Petal Necktie

Antique Pink Necktie

Rose Petal Pink Necktie

Pink Champagne Necktie

Flamingo Necktie

Coral Necktie

Pale Pink Paisley Necktie

Coral Paisley Necktie

Perfect Pink Plaid Necktie

Vintage Pink Striped Necktie

Cameo Pink Glen Plaid Necktie

Soft Pink Chevron Necktie

Fuchsia Paisley Necktie

Deep Magenta Floral Necktie

Dark Pink Square Pattern Necktie


Red Ties

Fire Engine Red Necktie

Red Necktie

Festive Red Necktie

Ruby Red Necktie

Crimson Red Necktie

Claret Necktie

Burgundy Necktie

Merlot Necktie

Wine Necktie

Deep Red Circle Pattern Necktie

Red Paisley Necktie

Red Floral Necktie

Red Elite Necktie

Red Striped Necktie

Red Chevron Necktie

Red Jeffrey Plaid Necktie

Dark Cherry Striped Necktie

Crimson Red Paisley Necktie

Crimson Red Square Pattern Necktie


Orange Ties

Peach Necktie

Neon Orange Necktie

Tangerine Necktie

Carrot Orange Necktie

Orange Necktie

Pumpkin Orange Necktie

Poppy Necktie

Burnt Orange Necktie

Apricot Jeffrey Plaid Necktie

Bright Tangerine Square Pattern Necktie

Bright Tangerine Link Necktie

Terracotta Plaid Necktie


Yellow Ties

Light Citron Necktie

Light Yellow Necktie

Butter Yellow Necktie

Lemon Lime Necktie

Daffodil Yellow Necktie

Yellow Necktie

Banana Yellow Necktie

Lemon Yellow Necktie

Golden Yellow Necktie

Canary Yellow Chevron Necktie

Soft Yellow Paisley Necktie

Sunflower Yellow Plaid Necktie

Straw Yellow Floral Necktie

Marigold Yellow Floral Striped Tie


Gold Ties

Pale Gold Necktie

Gold Bar Necktie

Antique Gold Necktie

Gold Necktie


Brown Ties

Sparkling Champagne Necktie

Bronze Necktie

Golden Champagne Necktie

Portobello Necktie

Latte Necktie

Persimmon Necktie

Brown Necktie

Chestnut Brown Necktie

Truffle Brown Necktie

Wheat Brown Paisley Necktie

Oatmeal Brown Square Pattern Necktie

Light Brown Circle Pattern Necktie

Toffee Brown Glen Plaid Necktie

Chocolate Brown Link Necktie

Light Brown Plaid Necktie

Brown Paisley Necktie


White Ties

White Necktie

Pearl Necktie

Ivory Necktie

White Striped Necktie

White Paisley Necktie

White Plaid Necktie

Cream Plaid Necktie

Vanilla Striped Necktie


Silver and Gray Ties

Light Silver Necktie

Silver Necktie

Mercury Necktie

Stormy Gray Necktie

Graphite Gray Necktie

Dark Gray Necktie

Pewter Necktie

Soft Gray Circle Pattern Necktie

Soft Gray Jeffrey Plaid Necktie

Pale Silver Paisley Necktie

Silver Paisley Necktie

Dark Silver Plaid Necktie

Pewter Chevron Necktie

Light Silver Striped Necktie

Silver Elite Necktie


Black Ties

Black Necktie

Black Houndstooth Necktie

Black Link Necktie

Black Paisley Necktie

Black Glen Plaid Necktie

Black Striped Necktie

Black and Purple Striped Necktie

Black Jeffrey Plaid Necktie

Black Elite Necktie