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How To Dress For A Wedding

How To Dress For A Wedding

So you got a fancy wedding invitation in the mail, replied with a resounding “yes! I will attend” and now you’re scratching your head about what to wear.

Check The Invitation

First things first, read the invitation. That’s the beauty of weddings—most of the information you’ll need to make the right wardrobe choices will be written down for you. If the wedding you’re attending has an established dress code your your job just got a lot easier. If you’re a groomsman you already have your outfit picked out for you. Most weddings will be semi-formal or casual-at least for guests and a typical invitation will indicate what dress code will be in play.

But, if some guidelines aren’t provided there’s no need to start hyperventilating. Unspoken wedding etiquette and commons sense should rule the day. If you take a few simple bits of advice to heart you’ll be looking good come ceremony time.

When And Where?

The venue and time of day should be a major guiding force in your wardrobe choices. Typically, if the wedding is during the day less formal attire reigns supreme. Night weddings generally require guests to have a more polished, formal appearance.

The time of year should also affect your style choices. You’ll look a bit foolish at a casual beach wedding in July with a dark, heavy suit on.

Be Well-Groomed

No matter what the dress code is, being well-groomed is a must. Clip your nails, take a shower, brush your teeth, shave or make sure your facial hair is well maintained and trimmed and get a haircut if you’re looking a bit shaggy. Even if you fully embrace being a slob in your everyday life it never hurts to step outside your comfort zone for a day.

Taking the time to present the best version of you appearance-wise is a sign of respect and demonstrates that you appreciate being asked to help celebrate the bride and grooms big day.

Better Overdressed Than Underdressed

Always err on the side of overly-formal. It’s a lot easier to remove a suit coat or tie if you feel overdressed than it is to conjure them out of thin air if you go too casual.

It’s not the worst idea to consider the happy couple’s fashion sense either—after all you are there to celebrate them. Are they conservative dressers or fashion-forward clotheshorses? It’s very possible you have no clue, which is no big deal but if you do have an idea taking it into consideration isn’t the worst idea in the world.

Ties For Weddings

The same considerations you take into account when choosing a tie for any occasion should apply when picking out a tie for a wedding you’re attending. Namely, pick something that complements the suit and shirt you plan on wearing.

Weddings are festive, lighthearted occasions so you have a little more free range to experiment with your tie choice—you’re not going to a business meeting after all. Choose a tie that’s fun an upbeat like a bold paisley tie in a shade that complements your dress shirt.

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