Prom and Homecoming Testimonials

"I appreciated your super-quick delivery and low prices. I've already mentioned where I got my son's bowtie to a couple of folks and I will definitely use your company again not only for my 17 year son, but for my 16 year old stepson as well. My son Zach wore his teal bow tie last Friday night during the Homecoming ceremony ... and he was chosen king. I have a great picture to share with you which I will post later today!" - Julie, California

"Well, after going on a wild goose chase for a coral-colored tie to no avail I turned to the internet because my son needed that to match his homecoming date. Needless to say the quick turnaround and quality of the tie were the greatest and I have sung the praises of to the world! Keep up the great work and you will be getting more business from us in the future! If all companies were like yours we'd be so lucky! Keep up the stellar work." - Alison, Washington

"My daughter and her boyfriend were to attend his homecoming dance. I gave a color swatch to her boyfriend to get a tie to match my daughter's dress. He (his mom) was able to find a striped tie that matched her coral dress. Everything was great....until my daughter offhandedly mentioned that his tie was $65! I was aghast...knowing this young man would probably never wear the tie again because of the specialty color. (The tie cost more than my daughter's darling dress cost.) So I went to work online...found your site, found what looked like the perfect color solid tie (which my daughter preferred but no store had a solid coral tie the right hue). We got permission and the blessing from my daughter's boyfriend and his mom to pursue your online tie as a less expensive alternative. Your silk tie arrived quickly, perfect color, and cost under $14 including s/h! The $65 tie was quickly returned, and the rest is history. Happy Ending! I passed along your business card to my daughter's boyfriend for future purchases. Thank you for offering exquisite silk ties for a fraction of the cost store bought ties charge." - Valerie, Washington

"Thank you SO MUCH! We LOVED the ties - & they matched the dress perfect!!" - Donna, New York

"Thank you so much. I am so impressed how fast I received the tie. My son's homecoming is Saturday I ordered the tie on the 13th and received it on the 15th. Thank You again. Amazing fast. You guys are awesome. By the way The Tie is so perfect. I will definitely order from you again."

"Well I have to say THANK YOU!!! My daughter has her ball in 2 weeks and we could not find a tie in her dress colour anywhere in Western Australia. I thought I was being a bit optimistic trying an overseas company over the internet so close to her event. But your postage was amazing. Well done and we could not have done without you. Ps. I think you call it a Prom over there!"

"For 2 years in a row, I've needed to find ties and hankerchief squares that matched prom dresses when none of the tuxedo stores in town had matching ties. Just from your website images, we've been able to match ties to 3 different prom dresses. Each time there was surprise that we were able to match a dress so perfectly. For us, there was the added bonus that we were able to save tons of money." - Kim, Virginia

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being extremely prompt with the delivery of the skinny tie with matching handkerchief. This was for my son's prom and when I ordered this, I didn't hold out much hope that it would arrive on time but thanks to you it did. (it arrived in only 7 days.) It was superb! my son loved the colour and the fact that it was a 'skinny' tie with matching handkerchief. Here in England, we have hunted everywhere and were only able to find the ' wide' tie and handkerchief. He had his prom last week and received so many compliments about the colour and how unusual to find the skinny tie matching; he looked extremely smart and handsome. (I'm his mum and was very proud). Your prices are very reasonable and I shall be using you again. Thank you once again both from myself and my son." - Wendy, England

"Yours was the only site (or store for that matter) where we could find the color tie that matched the dress, too, so we really needed it! I will order from you again soon, my son loves to wear skinny ties." "I was soooo happy with my sons tie for winter formal. In fact it matched his dates dress exactly !!! we had trouble finding a vest to match her dress. Thank God the tie did.... I was very pleased at how fast it arrived. You guys rock !!!!!"

"I received the Fuchsia Long Length Tie today. The color was a perfect match for what my son was needing it for."

"The tie and square combo is wonderful quality and your shipping was the fastest I've ever seen! The color is almost and exact match to my son's prom date's dress! Thank you for your wonderful service and customer care :) I will be a returning customer for sure!"