School and University Testimonials

"I work with tons of vendors each school year, and I can honestly say that there is only 1 other person who turns orders around with the speed and accuracy that you guys do! I appreciate your store very much." - Phillip, Idaho

"Never have I ever been as impressed with a company as I am with yours! I am a first year choir teacher and bought the ties for my high school boys to wear at their concerts. I received many compliments on how great they looked. I am also SO impressed at how quickly you got them to me with FREE shipping - from you to Grand Rapids, MI in 2 days! (Your awesome timing also saved my butt since I am quite the procrastinator!) I will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends (I have a lot of friends who are band and choir teachers and could use inexpensive yet classy uniforms!)! I will also indubitably purchase ties from you in the future! My brother has ties on his Christmas list. Guess where I'll be buying them from! THANK YOU, NeckTies, Inc. for your incredible prices, quality, and service!" - Laura, Michigan

"I just wanted to say "thanks" to you, and your staff. I'm a soccer coach, at a middle-school, and we don't spend a lot of money. We can't, we don't have it. However, you and your firm have brought more pride out of some young men than you can imagine! I never would have believed you, if you told me 8th grade boys would wear a tie to our school. Well, my boys are 'busting at the seams.' Thank you for incredible customer service and care. I hope we can continue our relationship for years to come!" - Christopher, Illinois

"Your ties are wonderful. The bow ties and long red ties looked fabulous on stage last weekend! We performed with our local symphony and my three choirs performed...80 students participated and the bow ties were used for the choir who trains at the college and they looked so great and they distinguished them from the school choirs, but still blended so nicely. What a beautiful holiday concert! Thank you so much for the fast delivery!" - Charla, Texas

"Our kids go to a Catholic and the boys are very hard on the 15.00 'uniform' ties. It's too expensive to purchase all the replacements. So happy to find your site for the same proper look but a fraction on the price. I will pass your site on to others in our school. P.S. I love supporting an American Company, especially a family owned business. Best Wishes for all the success."

"My order just arrived. I cannot tell you how pleased I am! The very quick turn-around is nice, but I had to tell you how pleased I am with the actual product! I am a 52 year-old graduating from a local community college and never thought I would find a collegiate tie in the school's colors. Not only are the colors correct, the material and construction far exceeds what I ever expected. Thank you again!"

"I am so pleased with your product, service, and prices that you have become our new place to purchase any uniform ties we buy as fillers or new sets for all of our performance groups. Don't let that excite you too much. We are a VERY small private school with a teeny, tiny performing arts department. While I'm here, let me tell you one of the things that impressed me most, after working for years with performing groups of all sizes (including very large) and therefore with many, many formal wear, performance wear, and costuming vendors. Actually there are two things: 1. the availability of a real human to get accurate information and help from, & 2. the fact that you obviously do not jack your shipping prices WAY beyond what it will obviously cost you to ship the product. That really helps those of us who are making purchases for such small groups. I can assure you that I have found that, on the average, these two qualities were drastically missing from most other companies I have dealt with over the last few years. I just think it always helps for people to know what they are doing RIGHT. So, thanks again. And you can rest assured that your web site is now in my Favorites list." - Dawn, Alabama

"Thank you, the ties quality is superb--they look great. the youngmen of the Musical theatre group were very impressed, and delivery was very promt. I will for sure recommend your company to other Musical groups!"