Spring 2018 Wedding Colors

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Spring 2018 Top Wedding Colors

Birds are chirping, wedding bells ringing and spring is sprouting. Okay, maybe not quite yet, but we are definitely excited for spring weddings.

As spring wedding planning kicks into high gear, we're not seeing the pastel pinks, lime greens, lavenders and light yellows that are so often associated with spring.

Instead, we're seeing a trend in vintage, dusty earthy tones. The result is soft and romantic and quite frankly we love it!

Here are our top nine color picks for the spring 2018 wedding season.

Top Spring 2018 Wedding Color Chart

Blush Pink

No surprise here! Blush pink has been one of the most popular wedding colors for quite a few seasons now. Known as the millennial’s pink, we don’t see this color fading anytime soon. The trend this spring is pairing blush with accents of soft gray, ivory or earthy greens, aka greenery. (Think fern, olive, bridal clover, forest green.)

Dusty Blue

We are super excited to see this color taking off. Think of it as the blue version of blush. While dusty blue can easily stand alone without an accent color, it pairs lovely with most of the trending spring colors. If you must have an accent, try navy blue, the greenery colors or, of course, its sister in pink, blush.

Navy Blue

A truly versatile classic. Navy blue really is the new neutral. Even the most popular groomsmen suit color right now is navy blue! It’s great for a color accent for a wide variety of colors (blush pink, coral, greenery, etc.), but it’s timeless appeal means you’ll look back on your wedding in 30 years and have no color regrets. 

Burgundy, Wine And Deep Reds

Deep reds like burgundy, crimson red, wine and cabernet exploded onto the wedding scene in fall 2017. We first saw these shades of red accented with blush pink. By the winter wedding season, these dark red weddings stood on their own, no accent color necessary. Add a fresh look for spring by accenting with blush and greenery.


In 2017, we began to see more and more plant greenery incorporated into weddings. (Think vines and garland from subdued green plants like ivy, eucalyptus and boxwood.) The result is soft and romantic, so it's no surprise we're seeing this trend continue into spring 2018. To achieve the greenery look, we suggest mixing a selection of our bridal clover, fern, olive green or forest green ties with the dusty tones that are popular right now.


It's a little bit purple, a bit brown and a little gray. A more earthy cousin of blush, quartz is a great color that can be used as either a primary or accent color. Pair it with a navy blue for a chic style or with greenery colors for a real down-to-earth feel.

Dusty Lilac

Vintage, dusty and earthy, dusty lilac is the full package for spring weddings in just one color. Pair it with similar purples like lilac, wisteria, eggplant or lapis for an ombre effect. Or use it as an accent with other dusty colors like blush and dusty blue. Either way, it's sure to be stunning.


Eggplant is a lovely, rich and dark color. Like burgundy, it typically reaches it's height of wedding popularity in fall and winter. But once you see it paired with spring's dusty purples like quartz and dusty lilac, it's obvious why this shade is still trending for spring. 


Showing up as different names like ivory, cream or pearl, this off-white shade is proving to be a elegant and classy accent color for a lot of color schemes. This classic color is great for breaking up or softening dark colors for a light spring feel.

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