Tie Tuesday

Tie Tuesday

The best day of the week isn't Saturday or Sunday, it's Tie Tuesday! Learn what this day is all about and how to participate.

What Is Tie Tuesday?

Tie Tuesday is the practice of wearing a necktie every Tuesday, even if a work dress code doesn't require a tie. Another variation of Tie Tuesday is Bow Tie Tuesday where, you guessed it, a bow tie is worn each Tuesday. This is a great way to bring the tie back into the workplace, and show off an awesome tie collection. TieTuesday and BowTieTuesday are popular hashtags on social media, where users post their dapper looks each week.

How Can I Take Part In Tie Tuesday?

So you want to join in the Tie Tuesday fun? That's easy! Skip the business casual look next Tuesday and throw on a collared shirt and necktie or bow tie. You may find your co-workers questioning your Tie Tuesday looks the first few weeks you participate. (Trust us, someone is going to jokingly ask you when your job interview is.) But once they catch on to your new Tuesday norm, they'll start noticing your awesome ties. If your tie collection is slim pickings, you may want to add some new ties to your wardrobe. Here are a few of our favorites that won't break the bank.

Tie Tuesday Options:

  1. Red Clara Paisley Slim Necktie, 2.5" Width
    Red Clara Paisley Slim Necktie, 2.5" Width
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If a tie just isn't enough, go all out for Tie Tuesday with a pair of necktie or bow tie themed boxer briefs.

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