About Free Color Swatches

Trying to match a particular color? Request free color swatches below. For customers in the USA and Canada*, we offer free fabric color swatches from our signature solid, premium, pattern and striped ties and accessories**.

We'll mail you fabric color swatches measuring approximately 1" by 1" in the same material as the product. The form will only allow you to request two colors, but we always include several additional swatches similar to those you request. If there is something specific you are trying to match (bridesmaid dress colors, school colors, company colors, etc.), tell us in the comments section so we can help.

Your swatches will be mailed by the next business day via USPS First Class Mail and typically arrive within one week.

Sample Color Swatches
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*If you are located outside the USA or Canada, or if you require a large number of swatches, color swatches also can be purchased for a nominal fee.

**Color swatches are only available for the colors and patterns listed. We do not offer swatches in silk, suspenders, socks or other products not listed.

Color Disclaimer

The colors you see on your computer monitor or mobile device should only be used as a guide and are not absolute. Colors displayed on any computer or mobile device can vary, and the colors you see may be different from the actual fabric. While we ensure that the colors are displayed as accurately as possible on our computers and mobile devices, we cannot guarantee that the colors you are seeing are the same. There is no substitute to seeing the actual fabric in person. Additionally, most companies create their own color names. Because another store uses the same color name does not mean the colors will necessarily match. If you have any questions on necktie colors, we encourage you to request free color swatches or contact us.