Patriotic Ties

Patriotic Ties
  1. Red and Blue Washington Striped Necktie
    Red and Blue Washington Striped Necktie
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Break out the red, white and blue, it's time to get patriotic! Dressing for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day or simply showing off your love for the USA? These star, stripe, elephant and donkey ties and accessories are perfect for the occasion.

Our favorite men's Fourth of July outfit includes a red, white and blue striped tie with an American flag tie bar and a pair of solid red socks. Pair these accessories with a crisp white dress shirt and a khaki pants. If a jacket is a must, a navy blue blazer is the perfect Americana look.

If you're a bow tie kind of guy, it doesn't get much more patriotic than an American flag bow tie. Add a red solid color pocket square and red and white striped socks to really shine.

If you're heading to a political event, support your party in a democrat donkey or republican elephant tie. Both styles are available in standard neckties, extra long ties, bow ties and pocket squares.

Outfitting a large group for the 4th of July? How fun! Many of our patriotic ties are available in large quantities. We offer automatic discounts of 5% to 30% for orders over $50, so you can really find a great deal when shopping in bulk at TieMart. Past customers have purchased our American flag bow ties and red, white and blue striped ties for their groups. If your group is a mix of men and women, consider solid red, white or blue staff ties for the men and matching red, white or blue scarves for the women. You can mix and match the colors, too!

If you have any questions on our patriotic ties, contact our customer service team. They'd love to help you put together that perfect Fourth of July look!