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Holiday Gift Guide

Avoid the stress and long checkout lines. Use TieMart's gift guide to quickly find the perfect tie for all the guys in your life. Start your shopping by selecting your "type of guy" below.

Custom photo tie for the holiday

Business Man

For the guy who wears a tie to work everyday, look no further than our exclusive line of Regent Morris Neckwear®. These ties are made from the heavyweight silk and silk blend materials he's used to from high-end department store ties. Pick him out a tie or two extra, because these ties are affordably priced. Shop all Regent Morris Neckwear® here >

New Dad

A new dad is as busy as ever this holiday season, but one thing is for sure: His new bundle of joy will never be as small as he or she is this year. Help him remember their first Christmas together with a hand or foot print necktie. Simply purchase a white solid color necktie and acrylic or fabric paint from your local craft store, then dip the baby's hands or feet in the paint and press onto the tie.

No time for a DIY? Let us do the work instead with a custom photo tie. Simply send us a photo of the new bundle of joy and we'll create a one-of-a-kind photo tie. Get started on your photo tie here >


Our tie for Grandpa is similar to our new dad tie, but older grandkids can get involved, too. Start with a white polyester necktie and let the kids design a custom tie. Check out our tie decorating blog post for all the materials you can use to design a tie. Don't forget to sign the tie with a special message for Gramps. Some of our favorite ideas include "Ties by (Child's Name)", "Designs by (Name)" or simply Christmas and the year.

If you've already gone the DIY route for Grandad, try a custom photo tie this year. Send us a photo of your little ones and we'll design a one-of-a-kind photo tie. Here's how to get started >

Sports Guy

A sports-themed accessory is a top choice for the fan in your life. Choose from neckties, bow ties, t-shirts and socks that he can wear to the office or on game day.

Football, hockey, college ball, rugby. Whatever his favorite sport, his team has two distinct colors. Get him a two-color striped tie in those team colors and he can take game day to the office. Our most popular striped ties are available in more than 150 color combos, many of which also come in bow ties, socks and even suspenders.

Want to upgrade the stripes? We now offer cotton/silk blend striped ties from Regent Morris Neckwear®. Styles include stardard ties, extra long ties, skinny ties and bow ties.

Cool Dude

For the guy in your life who's always on top of the latest trends and technology, shop our trendiest accessories. In neckwear, choose ties in our most stylish width, 2- to 3-inches. But don't stop there. Complete this dapper dude's look from head to toe with a tie bar, socks and yes, even underwear.

Comic Book Fan

For the nerd in your life, have some fun! From bowling to music, we have a wide array of novelty ties and socks that are just his style.

Boss or Co-worker

If you're buying a gift for your boss, try to personalize the tie a bit. Is he a big sports fan? Get him a two-color striped tie in his team colors. Always wearing paisley? Find him a paisley tie in a color you've never seen him wear. If you can't decide and still want to make a good impression, shop our exclusive line of Regent Morris Neckwear®. These handsome ties are made from silk and silk-blend materials you'd find in a high-end department store.

If you buy gifts for your co-workers, you want to give them something they'd like, but you probably want it to be affordable, especially if you're buying for multiple people. Purchase a value pack of items and split it among multiple co-workers, like our 10-pack of assorted pocket squares.

College Kid

If a college student is on your list, consider a classic striped tie in his university or fraternity colors. (With formal events, presentations, internships and future job interviews looming, he'll have plenty of opportunities to wear a tie.) Our classic stripes most school colors, and also come in skinny ties, extra long ties, bow ties, pocket squares, socks and suspenders ;so you can match his style.


Check out social media; teens are dressing spiffier than ever! Skinny ties and bow ties are the style of choice for teens. At this age, a teen can definitely get away with some of our more fun bright colors and patterns, like a neon yellow leopard print slim tie. Look for something in his taste, or buy an assortment of patterns and colors to round out his wardrobe. Complete his look with a pair of fun novelty socks. Whales and flamingos have never been so stylish!

Sock Enthusiast

Remember when getting socks for Christmas was the worst? Funny how times change! Socks are a top gift for men. For the guy who never wears black socks, shop for fun themed patterns. (Bet he doesn't have popcorn socks yet!) Even if he's always wearing those classic black socks, a pair of business-friendly argyle socks are always a great gift.

Secret Santa or White Elephant

Gift exchanges are a lot of fun. For a Secret Santa exchange, we personally like to keep with the holiday theme. Consider a novelty Christmas tie. Seasonal tie bars and holiday socks are a festive choice, too!

White elephant gift exchanges are our favorite here at Tiemart. We do one at our office each year! If you're looking for a laugh, take a gander at these frisky reindeer suspenders. Warning: These dirty deer are not suited for children's white elephant exchanges!


Santas, reindeer and more. Come shop Christmas ties.

Our selection of novelty ties is HUGE. No matter what he's into, we have a tie for that.

Start designing a one-of-a-kind tie with a custom photo tie.