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SolidColorNeckties is now TieMart

You may know our family as our previous company name, SolidColorNeckties.com. Over the years, our product line expanded to way more than solid color ties. Paisley ties, striped ties, floral ties, novelty ties—you name it. After awhile, our SolidColorNeckties brand didn’t suit all of our products.

Enter TieMart. Rather than continuing to sell ties with a store name that limited us, our family landed upon a really great new name: TieMart.

At TieMart today, you’ll find all of the same tie colors you knew from SolidColorNeckties. Red ties, black ties, navy blue ties, turquoise ties, pink ties, dark purple ties. They’re all still available here at TieMart. And in the same neckwear styles, too. (Plus maybe a few new tie arrivals since you visited us last.)

Don’t worry. We still kept our ties prices low, too. You might even say downright cheap. Whether you need one tie or several hundred in bulk, it’s still affordable to buy ties here at TieMart.

We’re so glad you found the all new SolidColorNeckties here at TieMart. We can’t wait to ship your next order of ties. As always, we’ll process your necktie order quickly.

-The TieMart Family

P.S. Here’s a list of our solid tie colors so you can easily find your favorites. Simply click the main color to expand and see all shades available.

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