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2019 Color Of The Year

Coral and navy blue striped tie placed on a flowering plant

Every year, leading color experts release a color of the year. When they do, we start to see that color pop up everywhere: Fashion, marketing, home decor, weddings, even paint colors.

The 2019 color of the year is…drum roll, please…Coral! Here at TieMart, we’re kind of coral pros. This energetic peachy/pink shade has been one of our top wedding colors for the past 5+ years. From ties to socks, our product lines are full of coral!

If you think you can’t pull off this lively shade, think again. Coral can stand on its own, but you can tone it down by pairing it with the classic colors already in your closet. Personally we love it mixed with navy or gray. As cold temps linger, for a more trendy look pair coral with a rich, dark green like forest or hunter. As we head into summer, brighten coral up with seafoam, turquoise or light yellow.

Ready to get on the coral bandwagon, gentlemen? Here are a few of our favorite men's coral ties and accessories.


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