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No One Wears Ties Anymore

You know that conversation where someone asks you what you do for a living?

Here at TieMart, our answer is that we sell neckties online.

And then we ALWAYS hear, “But no one wears ties anymore.”

Yep, they’re totally right. No one wears ties anymore. Maybe we should let our customers know.

People Who Still Wear Ties

Oops! These TieMart customers didn't get the memo that no one wears ties anymore.

Group of waiters wearing black shirts and colorful solid neckties.
Couple wearing coordinating green outfits, including a dress, bow tie and pocket square.
Three men wearing black dress shirts and fuchsia ties.
A kid with a boys' dark purple and golden yellow  bow tie.
Couple wearing coordinating red outfits, including a red dress, standard tie and a  silver tie bar.
A graduate wearing a kelly green and navy blue tie.
School boys' wearing striped ties as a uniform.
A couple at a wedding, the man is wearing a red shade slim tie.
A group of kid's performing wearing striped ties.
A man wearing a red standard tie.
Wedding picture with the groom wearing a pink shade standard tie and the groomsmen wearing a pink shade bow ties.
A choir wearing a red standard necktie.
A group of men wearing a black dress shirt and a yellow shade skinny ties.
A graduate wearing his blue robe and cap, with a dark navy blue and golden yellow bow tie.
Man wearing a custom bow tie.
Child wearing a lavender bow tie and suspender set
Closeup of a lavender kids' bow tie and dark purple suspenders
A man wearing a hunter green and golden yellow striped bow tie, with a white dress shirt, and a yellow mask
Boy standing with mom wearing a matching color yellow bow tie.
Teen wearing an orange and navy striped tie and blue shirt
Kid's wearing black bow ties for a performance.
A medical convention with two doctors wearing necktie.
A man wearing yellow paisley pattern bow ties.
Wedding picture with the groom wearing a dusty lilac tie and pocket square matching the bridesmaid dress.
Two waiters wearing a red crossover ties.
A girl wearing a uniform with a white floppy bow tie.
Women wearing a rainbow striped pride necktie
A family picture with the men wearing a black suit and a crimson red and golden yellow striped ties.
A family picture with the father and kids wearing a shade of pink ties match the moms dress.
Mn outside wearing a hat and self-tie bow tie
A women wearing a floppy bow tie
A profession wearing a dark beige suit, with a  hunter green and golden yellow striped bow tie and a white dress shirt
Man taking selfie wearing a gray suit and eggplant tie
Smiling bride and groom, with the groom wearing a dark purple bow tie
Group of men wearing matching argyle socks for a special occasion
An acapella group wearing purple neckties.
A performer wearing gold metallic bow tie.
Two waiters weaing purple skinny ties
A man dressed in a business look, wearing a white and burgundy striped tie.
A man wearing a beige suit, with a light blue dress shirt, and a peacock blue and  golden yellow striped tie.
Christmas picture of two kid's wearing a boys' red bow tie.
A boy wearing a school uniform jacket, white dress shirt and a light gold and twilight blue striped tie.
A picture of a teacher wearing a custom made mundelein mustang high school tie.
2020 grad wearing a rainbow striped bow tie
Grad wearing a rainbow striped bow tie
A man wearing a hunter green and golden yellow striped bow tie with a white dress shirt
A college professor wearing a  black and gold bow tie , which are the school colors
Man wearing a striped tie in Mardi Gras colors
College grad wearing graduation gown and striped tie in school colors
Woman wearing plaid clothing with a gray necktie


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