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How To Fold A Presidential (Straight) Pocket Square

A man wearing a blue suit jacket and tucking in a blue/green pocket square

The presidential or straight fold is the pocket square at its most basic: Crisp, clean and elegant. Only a thin, straight strip of the pocket square should be visible above the lip of your jacket pocket. Use this pocket square fold when you want maximum formality and elegance. Traditionally, a white pocket square is used. Solid color pocket squares are an acceptable alternative, but you’ll want to avoid patterns for this fold.

Step 1

Lay the pocket square unfolded and flat.

A teal pocket square, flat view

Step 2

Fold the pocket square in half lengthwise.

A teal pocket square folded in half like a rectangle

Step 3

Fold the pocket square in half again so that you have a small square. Note: this and the following images have been enlarged to show the folds up close and are not the same scale as the first two photos.

A teal pocket square folded into a square

Step 4

Fold the square in half again.

A teal pocket square folded into a rectangle

Step 5

Fold the bottom of the rectangle almost up to the top edge of the pocket square.

A teal pocket square folded into a small square

Step 6

Flip the pocket square over and decide which edge you want showing out of your pocket (the bottom rolled edge, or the top crisp edge).

A teal pocket square folded into a small square

Final Notes

Place the folded pocket square into your jacket pocket so that only a thin strip of fabric is showing. You may need to remove it from your pocket and readjust as necessary depending on the width and depth of your pocket. The Presidential/Straight Fold is the most basic of folds, but also the most formal.

Next Steps

For a more intricate fold, take a look at our step-by-step directions on how to achieve the winged puff fold.

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