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Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Pumpkin painted with jack o lantern face

Welcome to the First Annual TieMart Employee Pumpkin Decorating Contest! To get into the Halloween spirit, last week we took a short break from the day to decorate pumpkins. Now that the paint has dried and glue is set we would love for you to help us choose the winner! The completed pumpkins are displayed below along with a quick poll at the end. We'll announce the lucky winner next week!

Alice in Wonderland pumpkin
Black cat pumpkin
Glitter jack-o-lantern face
Pumpkin with skull mask
Spider web pumpkin
Day of the dead pumpkin
Black cat Halloween pumpkin
Pink cat pumpkin
Witch feet pumpkin

And The Winner Is...

Congrats to Wendy, the winner of our pumpkin decorating contest!

Black cat Halloween pumpkin

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