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High School Students Photograph Ties

Matching red and green striped bow ties for men and boys on a black background

This is the second year in a row that we loaned out our ties to local high school students, giving them a taste of real-world experience and a chance to practice their photography skills.

The students were learning about color theory in class, so we provided a variety of our holiday-themed solid color and striped bow ties where they could apply this lesson and let their creative sparks fly.

Working in small groups, the students crafted festive scenes with props, backdrops and, of course, our ties.

The classroom was transformed into a photography studio. The high schoolers traded natural light (i.e. the sun) for the glow of flashlights and other artificial lighting. Several students leveraged this challenge and filled their photos with warm, holiday lighting.

A child-size red and green striped bow tie photographed in warm lighting with holiday props

Believe it or not, one of the most difficult parts of photographing a bow tie is getting it to sit upright—and stay that way. It’s no easy feat, so we were impressed to see several students snap the bow ties with nearly perfect posture.

A red and white striped bow tie with a Christmas tree and present prop

Without further ado, take a peek at some more of the photos they captured. The students did such a nice job!

A red bow tie on top of a wood slice with fake snow
A boys' red and green striped bow tie with faux Christmas trees
A red bow tie photographed with gifts
A red matte bow tie photographed with pinecones and other woodland props
A red and white striped bow tie with a snowman and bell
Two solid red men's and boys' bow ties with woodland wood and pinecone props

We loved being a part of this hands-on experience and offering feedback to each group. It's always great to see our products through a fresh lens, too!

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