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What Is Dye Sublimation?

Dye Sublimation Ties

TieMart custom ties and original designs are created via dye sublimation. We start with a pre-manufactured, solid white, 100% polyester tie. The process begins by printing the design onto a special transfer paper. Using a heat press, the design is then permanently dyed onto the front and back of the tie.

Because we start with a blank (white) tie, there are a couple things to expect with your custom ties.

Figure 1

Dye Sublimation Tie Example 1

Figure 2

Dye Sublimation Tie Example 2

Figure 3

Dye Sublimation Tie Example 3

Figure 4

Dye Sublimation Tie Example 4

1) Each tie is created individually. As such, the placement of the pattern may vary slightly from one tie to another. We try to keep the pattern as close as possible to the digital sample or website photo, but slight shifting can occur during the heat transfer. We’ll admit, we can be perfectionists and if the design shifts too much we’ll recreate the tie. However, a difference of a few millimeters from one tie to another should be expected.

2) Dye sublimation ties are printed ties, not embroidered or woven. The design is permanent and will not peel, crack or fade. The design becomes part of the fabric. It does not build on top of the fabric and you cannot feel the design.

3) Because we dye the design directly onto a necktie, the design will transfer anywhere the printed design comes in contact with the tie. This includes the tie tipping at both ends of the tie. (Figure 1.) If you lift the fabric away from the tipping, the design will not have transferred to the lining of the tie. (Figure 2.) Luckily, this is not visible when the tie is worn

4) Relating to number 3 above, the trickiest part of dye sublimation is the edge of the tie. During the heat transfer process, we are transferring a design that is wider than the tie itself for the design to bleed onto the edges of the tie. On lighter color designs, this works perfectly. (Figure 3.) Unfortunately, on dark colored designs, especially black and navy blue backgrounds, the edge of the tie can appear lighter than the rest of the design. (Figure 4.) When looking at the tie straight on, you won’t even notice this. At an angle, you might.

Please note that due to the custom nature of the items, our custom ties and accessories are final sale and may not be returned, exchanged or refunded.


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