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How To Wear A Floral Tie

Dusty blue and pink floral tie on a gray background

Floral ties are trendy, fun and totally post worthy. But there’s an art to wearing this floral pattern. Before you put on your first floral tie, let's take a look at when to wear a floral tie and what exactly you should wear with it.

History Of Florals In Menswear

You might not realize it yet, but florals are not new to menswear. Case in point: The Hawaiian shirt. Hawaiian shirts are the first floral item we saw in men’s clothing. These large bold prints are a staple of warm weather (and tourist) menswear, and first originated sometime between the 1920s and 1930s. Jump ahead thirty years and we saw Hawaiian shirts go mainstream in Hollywood. These lively floral patterns then crept into other men’s vacation items like Hawaiian shorts. Today, Hawaiian florals are definitely a staple in fun (but usually not office appropriate) menswear.

The modern floral ties we see today are actually an influence of wedding trends. (Wedding trends have a lot of influence on fashion trends overall.) In the mid to late twenty-teens, florals and greenery became really popular for wedding decor. Floral backdrops, greenery archways, etc. These florals then spread to wedding invitations, bridesmaid dresses and finally to groom and groomsmen ties. It wasn't long until this floral trend left the alter and emerged as a popular, everyday menswear pattern.

Most Popular Floral Ties

Funny thing. The floral ties that are the most popular right now happen to be in the same shades as the top wedding colors. (Coincidence, we think not.) There are a lot of blue and navy blue floral tie patterns out there, and these dusty and dark blue hues are the season’s most popular wedding colors, too. Same goes for burgundy floral ties—burgundy is a top wedding color. When floral ties first started trending in the late twenty-teens, coral and blush were popular colors during these wedding seasons. Thus, the first of the floral tie patterns to emerge were a mix of these colors.

When floral ties first became popular, we saw a lot of coral and blush pink florals. These just so happen to be the top wedding colors at that time, too.

What To Wear With A Floral Tie

Now, let's get into actually wearing the floral tie. The key to wearing a floral tie is to keep the rest of your outfit simple. (Similarly to how you would wear a paisley tie.) If you’re brand new to florals, pair your floral tie in neutral-colored solid clothing pieces. A white dress shirt paired with a suit or slacks in navy, gray, tan or black, depending on the color of your tie.

As you start to get the hang of wearing floral ties, try adding more color into the rest of your clothing. Solid light blue dress shirts work well with blue floral ties and can be a great contrast with a burgundy floral tie.

There are some subtle patterns you can wear with floral ties. A vertically striped dress can look great with a floral tie. Keep the stripes thin (aka a pencil stripe). The collar should be striped as well. (Sometimes striped dress shirts have a solid color collar, and this is too much for a floral tie.) Look for striped dress shirts with a white background color and blue or gray stripes.

Small polka dot dress shirts can look great with floral ties, too. The advice for this look is similar to the striped dress shirt. Keep the polka dots in subtle colors. Black, gray or navy blue.

Now that you have your main clothing pieces selected, let's take a look at how to wear your floral tie, and which accessories to add. Here are five ways to wear a floral tie.

1. Floral Tie Only

Level of difficulty: Beginner

If you're wearing a floral tie for the first time, ease yourself in. Start by finding a great floral tie that you like and wear it with those neutral colored clothing pieces. No pocket square or other accessories needed yet. Once you are comfortable in the pattern, try adding a pocket square to your outfit. (See below.)

2. Floral Tie and Matching Pocket Square

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Take your floral tie to the next level by wearing it with a matching pocket square, if it’s available. This is a very put-together look that we usually see in formal attire like weddings. You can definitely wear a matching floral tie and pocket square in more casual or business occasions too. However, when wearing this much floral keep the rest of your outfit solid and neutral.

The easiest way to add a pocket square with your floral tie is to select one in the same pattern.

3. Floral Tie And Solid Or Tipped Pocket Square

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

If you prefer a pocket square that doesn't match your tie, try one in a coordinating solid color or colored tipping. The color of the pocket square (or the tipping) can either match the most dominant color of the floral print, match a less dominant shade or add a contrasting pop of color. Any of these options will look great.

4. Solid Tie And Floral Pocket Square

Level of difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

If you’re not quite ready to wear a floral tie, that’s okay. Try adding a floral pocket square with a coordinating solid color or textured tie. (Or even no tie at all.) Having a touch of floral sprouting from your lapel pocket is even more subtle than on your tie. However, don’t be surprised at how many people comment on your pocket square. After the complements roll in, you might just be ready to try a floral tie.

Not quite ready for a floral tie? Pair a floral pocket square with a solid tie instead.

5. Mix Floral And Pattern Ties And Pocket Squares

Level of difficulty: Advanced

Fair warning, this is not for the floral tie newbie. Floral ties can be worn with other pattern pocket squares, and vice versa. Done right, this look is stunning. 5 stars. Dressed to the nines. On the flip side, put this together wrong and you’re going to look like a clown. Here’s how to try this look:

a. Two Different Florals: Two different floral patterns can be worn together. (Crazy, right?) The key is to pick two florals that complement each other. The same pattern but different colors, similar colors but different size flowers, etc. Your tie should be the boldest of the two patterns. This could be the brighter color or larger scale pattern. Just be careful not to clash. A Hawaiian floral print will clash with an autumn burgundy floral tie.

b. Floral Tie And Low-Key Pattern Pocket Square: It is possible to mix florals and patterns, and there are two ways to do it. Let’s start with the easier of the two. Keep your florals on your tie, and find a subtly patterned pocket square, like a check or small polka dot. For this to work best, don’t select a pattern pocket square that’s the main color of your tie. Instead, choose a less dominant color or two from the tie. The pocket square will really make these colors pop and add more dimension to your tie.

c. Floral Tie And Bold Pattern Pocket Square: Now, this one isn’t for everyone. Unlike option b, here you want your pocket square to be equally as bold as your tie. The key is to wear a floral tie that is only two colors tops. The print on your tie can be large. In fact, you want it to be large as this is a bold look overall. Now, select a pattern pocket square that contrasts with your tie. If your tie is navy blue and white, a deep orange pattern pocket square will really pop. Again, this look isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can look great when done right.

Are Floral Ties Only For Warm Weather?

Sure, flowers bloom in spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean floral ties are off limits in cold weather months. Floral ties come in a lot of different patterns. Some are light and bright, maybe even tropical. Keep these floral ties for spring and summer. When the temperatures cool, look for floral ties in more seasonally appropriate colors. (Just like you would with your solid ties or any other accessory.) Floral ties with touches of burgundy, navy blue, black, dark green, burnt orange, etc. are perfect for fall and winter.

In cold-weather months, seek out floral ties to match the season. No, we're not talking about seasonally appropriate flowers, but rather the colors. Burgundy, navy blue, dark green, golden yellow, black, brown.

Are Floral Ties Professional?

Whether or not you can wear a floral tie to work really depends on your actual job. The floral ties that are trending today are generally a bit more casual. They’re made from cotton, which gives them a matte finish. They're also cut in slimmer widths, generally under 3-inches wide. This style of tie is perfect for more creative workplaces or environments with a more casual dress code. However, for more business formal dress codes (lawyers, accountants, corporate offices, etc.), this style of floral tie is too casual.

Now, if you’re still set on wearing a floral tie in a workplace with a stricter dress code, you do have some wiggle room. Look for floral ties made from silk or polyester in traditional widths, which means anything wider than 3 inches. Keep the patterns low key and in the same colors you’re already wearing to work. (Save the bright floral print ties for your days off.)

Whether floral ties are appropriate for your workplace really depends on your actual job. For more traditional workplace dress codes, look for subtle floral patterns in standard width ties.

Floral Ties For Women

Florals are not new to womenswear, so it’s not really surprising that floral ties are popular among women who wear ties. The width of today’s floral ties, which are typically under 3-inches wide, also make them well-suited for most women. (A traditional size men’s tie is often too wide.) Many women tie wearers simply wear a button down shirt, sans jacket or suit. This look is perfect for a more casual tie like a floral. Floral ties are great statement pieces to add to a woman’s outfit.

Will Floral Ties Stay In Style?

It’s hard to say what will and won’t be stylish one...five...even ten years from now. However, we definitely see floral ties beginning to take root as a permanent staple in menswear. When you’re buying ties online five years from now and filtering by pattern, expect to see floral as an option alongside traditional patterns like paisley and plaid. Granted, the floral patterns might look a little different from what is popular now. So if you’re purchasing floral ties today that you still want to wear in five years, look for small and subtle floral patterns in more neutral colors that will stand the test of time.

In Conclusion

We love seeing florals make their way into menswear. Floral ties are popular for groom and groomsmen attire, but they can be worn professionally as well, with some guidelines. When wearing floral ties for the first time, keep the rest of your outfit simple, neutral and solid. Don’t restrict florals to warm weather months. Floral ties can be worn year round, as long as the colors of the pattern complement the season.

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