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Are Skinny Ties Professional?

Man wearing a black skinny tie with a gray suit

Here's The Skinny

Skinny ties are here to stay, but does that mean it’s okay to wear one to work? Before you skinny up for the office, let’s take a look at which professional settings a skinny tie is best suited for.

Consider Your Job

There are a few things to consider before wearing a skinny tie to work, but the main factor is your actual job. The more conservative the office dress code, the less appropriate it is to wear a skinny tie. Typically, bankers, lawyers, investors, accountants, etc. have very conservative dress codes and should only wear traditional-width ties. A skinny tie would be out of place and inappropriate. In these conservative environments, it doesn’t matter if you’re the youngest person in the office or in an office full of young professionals. If everyone else at work is wearing traditional-width ties, you should be, too.

Now, there are some jobs that the skinny tie is perfect for. The more creative and artistic your job, the more appropriate a skinny tie is. If you work for a young, hip and creative company, then the skinny tie is probably best. Work in the fashion world or somewhere that style matters? Go for a skinny tie.

Skinny ties even can be worn at jobs with casual dress codes. You don’t have to wear a suit with a skinny tie. In fact, a skinny tie can look great with a pair of jeans or khakis. (Take a look at our article on How To Wear A Tie In A Casual Setting for pointers.)

Are You Sized For A Skinny Tie?

Skinny ties are NOT one size fits all. You really need to be proportionately sized to pull off the skinny tie, especially in the office. Skinny ties are meant for slimmer figures and can look out of place on more full-figured men. If you are a little larger these days and still want to wear a skinny tie, choose wider width skinny ties. A 3-inch narrow tie is a great in-between width that’s skinnier than today’s traditional tie, but not too skinny either.

Tall and slender men can wear skinny ties, but if you normally wear an extra long length in a traditional width, look for extra long skinny ties, too. Like any tie, the tip should hit at about the belt line when worn.

Just like a standard tie, make sure your skinny tie still fits you properly. If you wear an extra long tie in a traditional width, you're going to need an extra long skinny tie, too.

What To Wear With A Skinny Tie

There’s more to wearing a skinny tie professionally than your size and job. The rest of your outfit should work with the skinny tie. Keep your suit trimmed in a slim or modern fit. Wearing a regular cut suit will look out of proportion with a skinny tie. Lapels should be narrow as well. Select shirts with smaller collars. Large or widespread collars will overpower a skinny tie.

What’s Too Skinny For Work?

Skinny ties are anything 3-inches wide or less. They can be as skinny as 1-inch wide (sometimes even skinnier), but are generally between 2-inches and 3-inches. Here at TieMart our skinny ties come in three sizes, which are pretty standard in the tie industry: 2-inch skinny ties, 2.5-inch slim ties and 3-inch narrow ties.

Provided you pass the job, size and outfit requirements for wearing a skinny tie to the office, it’s time to consider which size of skinny tie to wear. The wider the skinny tie, the more professional it is, and we recommend selecting a skinny tie 2.5-inches+ for the workplace. Skinny ties between 2- and 2.25-inches wide should be reserved for casual dress codes and more stylish environments.

Sticking with skinny ties 2.5-inches+ for the office is a smart move. The size is trim and modern compared to a traditional tie, but it's not overly trendy either.

Use caution wearing a tie less than 2-inches wide to the office. While this size is fun, it’s not really professional and we typically see this size tie worn in formal wear or trendy staff uniforms.

Selecting Skinny Ties For Work

Not every skinny tie is appropriate for the office. You should select your skinny tie with the same considerations you would for a traditional tie. Colors and patterns should be professional and pair well with the rest of your outfit. And don’t wear a novelty or themed skinny tie to work if it’s not appropriate to do so at your workplace.

When selecting skinny ties for work, treat the colors and patterns the same as you would with a wider tie.

Can You Wear A Skinny Tie To A Job Interview?

This comes up a lot. Are skinny ties appropriate to wear to a job interview? Quick answer: It depends. Basically, everything we said above under “Consider Your Job” applies here. The more conservative the workplace, the less appropriate it is to wear a skinny tie. If you’re still not sure whether you should wear skinny tie, it’s better to ere on the side of caution and select a traditional width for that interview.

Can Women Wear Skinny Ties To Work?

Skinny ties aren’t just for men. The skinny tie is great for fashion-forward women, even in the workplace. Typically, the skinny tie is better proportioned for a women’s size than a wider traditional tie. Women are more likely to wear a tie with a collared shirt than a full suit, so the skinny tie works with this more casual look. But women still need to follow the same rules of wearing a skinny tie to work as men. If it's not appropriate for your workplace and/or doesn't apply to the company dress code, than it's best to leave your skinny ties at home.

Skinny ties are a great accessory for fashion-forward women. However, if it's not appropriate for a male to wear a skinny tie to your workplace, it isn't for a female either.

About TieMart

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