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How To Wear Fuchsia Ties

A fuchsia tie folded on a fuchsia background

Look around. The new “it color” these days is fuchsia! This bold dark pink continues to pop up in fashion and design, and we only expect it to grow more popular as we move into summer. But, let’s be honest, fuchsia isn’t a typical color in a man’s wardrobe and that can make it overwhelming to wear. Let’s break down this trendy hue so you can confidently wear fuchsia ties all year long.

Where Does The Color Fuchsia Come From?

Insider’s secret: A lot of retail companies make up their color names, but we didn’t make up fuchsia. The color comes from the plant fuchsia, which blooms vibrant tear-drop flowers. The flowers are often two-toned, with the color we call fuchsia paired with darker purple or light pink to nearly-white petals. The plant is native to Central and South America, so its exotic and tropical vibes are certainly justified.

A closeup of the flowers on a fuchsia plant

Fuchsia isn't just a name. The color comes from the shrub fuchsia.

Is Fuchsia Closer To Pink or Purple?

We get it. Some people see fuchsia as pink and some see it as purple. Everyone perceives color a bit differently, so it’s not surprising that fuchsia is actually a mix of pink and purple. A purplish pink. Hold it up to a true purple, and it will look more pink. Hold it up to a true pink and those purple tones will stand out.

In fashion, fuchsia is usually classified as pink. A dark pink with purple hues.

Colored circles of pink, fuchsia and purple

Fuchsia is a mix of pink and purple.

Fuchsia Versus Hot Pink Versus Magenta

So now that you know what fuchsia is, you might still be wondering how it’s different from a few of those similar shades, like hot pink and magenta. Let’s start with hot pink. Hot pink is a bright pink color that’s lighter than fuchsia. Unlike fuchsia, there’s no confusing hot pink for a purple. Hot pink is clearly part of the pink color family.

As for magenta, this color is very, very similar to fuchsia. It’s a purplish pink. However, it tends to have more purple tones than fuchsia. Held side by side to fuchsia, magenta will look a bit more purple and subdued. If you see it alone, away from fuchsia, you may not pick up on the difference. Again, remember that retailers pick their own colors names too, so magenta can vary a bit from store to store.

A Venn diagram comparing the color fuchsia to hot pink and magenta

Here's a look at how fuchsia differs from hot pink and magenta.

What Season Can You Wear Fuchsia

While shades of pink were once considered spring and summer colors, today people are wearing pink year round. This is largely in part to what we’re going to talk about below. While fuchsia was once the main focus of an outfit or paired with other similarly bright colors, today we’re seeing it mixed with darker earth tones. Pairing fuchsia with deeper “cold-weather” colors means it fits right in during fall and winter, too. So quick answer: You can now wear fuchsia year round, depending on the colors you pair it with.

What Colors Match Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a bold color, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep the rest of your outfit completely neutral. Let's start simple. Since they sit so close together on the color wheel, fuchsia certainly matches classic red and dark purples. However, there are more options, too.

The last time fuchsia was this popular (in the early twenty-teens), we usually saw it accented with equally bold and bright colors. Lime green, hot pink, yellow, orange, turquoise, etc.

In the past, fuchsia has been paired with colors that are equally as bright, like hot lime green and orange.

While you can still pair it with any of those colors, today we're seeing fuchsia mixed with some unexpected earth tones and we love it! Interestingly enough, a lot of these earth tones are deeper versions of the colors we mentioned above.

Burgundy was the first trending color to make an appearance with fuchsia and really gives it a completely different look than the combos we mentioned above.

Olive green and fuchsia is an unexpected combo, but these contrasting colors surprisingly work well together.

Navy blue can certainly be paired with fuchsia, or you can mix things up with a deep teal, jade or more subdued dark blue.

Darker yellows or subdued golds are another earthy choice that complements fuchsia.

Today we're seeing fuchsia paired with deeper tones, like burgundy and olive green.

Suit Colors That Match Fuchsia Ties

Fuchsia ties and black suits are a classic, can’t-fail-you combination. This sleek combo can be worn as an everyday look or for a formal event. The same goes for fuchsia ties and gray suits. The darker the gray suit, the more formal you can take it. A fuchsia and light gray suit looks great too, but this is often a daytime look, whether that means for the office or an afternoon wedding.

However, these classic combinations aren’t what’s trending today. Navy blue suits are the suit color to wear right now and, yes, a fuchsia tie will complement it really well. The look is crisp, clean and modern and can go from daytime to night, casual to formal. Paired with white, the combo almost has a nautical feel. However, you can bring accent colors into this combination as well, and we’ll get to that shortly. (Keep reading!)

Now, hear us out. The next fuchsia suit and tie combo might be a little hard to imagine. But, trust us, it looks so good. If you have a brown suit you’re just not getting enough use of, adding a fuchsia tie is another way to wear it. To keep things modern, fuchsia will look best when paired with not-so-classic browns, like tawny or caramel. This is what a lot of brown suits come in these days.

If you really want to go for something different, two of the colors we mentioned previously can be worn with fuchsia ties: Burgundy and olive green. These certainly aren’t suit colors we see in most men’s wardrobes, but if you’re looking to purchase a head-turning new suit you might want to consider these shades.

Accessory Colors That Match Fuchsia Ties

First, when we’re talking about accessories, this isn’t the tie. These are the rest of the optional pieces you might add to your suit and tie combo: Pocket squares, lapel pins, tie bars, cufflinks and socks.

Look back up at “What Colors Match Fuchsia.” This is going to be your inspiration for which color accessories to pair with fuchsia. Accessories are easiest to pick out in spring and summer when fuchsia can be worn with pops of other bright colors like an orange, lime green or turquoise pocket square and a red or yellow lapel pin. Combine any of these colors, or add in some neutrals, and make your own combo!

When the weather is warm go bold and pair fuchsia with equally bright accessories, like this fuchsia, red and turquoise combo.

However, we think fuchsia is the most fun to wear in fall and winter, even if this is the most challenging time as well. When the temperature is downright cold, pair darker earth-toned accessories with your fuchsia ties and black, navy or gray suits.

Here are some options: A fuchsia tie and burgundy pocket square and/or lapel pin. A fuchsia tie and gold bar pocket square. A fuchsia tie and fern pocket square square. Again, you can certainly pick out your own combination from these colors or mix in some neutrals.

A fuchsia tie paired with a burgundy flower lapel pin and olive green pocket square

If the temperature is dropping, keep those fuchsia ties on hand. Here it's paired with a merlot (burgundy) flower lapel pin and fern (olive green) pocket square for a trending cold-weather combo.

Who Does Fuchsia Look Good On

You! Some people argue that fuchsia only looks good with certain skin tones or hair colors, but we say baloney. In menswear, when you’re adding fuchsia to an outfit via a tie or other accessory anyone can wear the color. These accessories are essentially small accents used to enhance your overall look, not be the overall look. You’re simply not wearing enough of the color to limit its use. So as long as you’re not pulling out a fuchsia suit and dress shirt to go with your fuchsia necktie, don’t worry about who fuchsia looks good on. It looks good on you.

TieMart’s Fuchsia Ties

However you decide to wear fuchsia, finding just the right tie is easy. TieMart carries a wide selection of fuchsia ties in solid colors, stripes and patterns. Starting with solid colors, there are three fuchsia options: Fuchsia, fuchsia premium and bright fuchsia.

The fuchsia and fuchsia premium ties are nearly an exact match in color, but vary in fabric. The regular fuchsia ties are made from a heavyweight fabric with slight ribbing, if you look close. It’s a more affordable option than the premium line, which is upgraded in a thicker fabric with a smooth finish and satin sheen. We suggest the fuchsia premium ties for formal occasions, like weddings and prom.

Get comfortable wearing fuchsia with a solid tie. This fuchsia premium tie will stand out for formal occasions.

Bright fuchsia is just that: A brighter fuchsia. These ties are made from a lighter weight fabric that has a silky feel and shiny finish. This is a popular choice for dressed up occasions and sometimes matches other retailers’ fuchsias better than the standard fuchsia.

This bright fuchsia tie is a little bit lighter than our regular fuchsia.

Fuchsia striped ties are an option, too. This is a preppier, collegiate look that combines two colors, like white, black, navy blue, kelly green or hot pink. These ties can be worn for special occasions or for the office.

A classic two-color fuchsia striped tie is a step beyond the solid tie while still keeping matching easy.

For a pattern tie, take a look at this bright fuchsia paisley. You’re probably putting more thought into your outfit than your normal go-to when wearing a fuchsia tie. But this pattern doesn’t make things more difficult. This tie is a tone-on-tone design so it’s as easy to incorporate as a solid one.

This fuchsia paisley tie keeps matching simple since the pattern is a tone-on-tone design.

If a regular tie isn't your style, TieMart's fuchsia ties come in more sizes too, including extra long ties, slim ties, bow ties and even children's sizes so you can make your fuchsia look your own.

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