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Neckwear For Women

Three womens floppy bow ties laying on a fur blanket

When you think of neckwear, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a men’s necktie. While the tie is a predominantly male article of clothing, women don’t have to be excluded. Women looking to incorporate ties into their wardrobes have some options.

Traditionally, women’s neckwear is rooted heavily in uniforms. From service-based industries, including restaurants and hotels, to the military, women’s ties have been predominantly formal in design. Modern trends, however, have seen more experimentation with the once formal garment. While it still hasn’t become an everyday fixture of women’s wardrobes, a tie can provide a nice, bold change of pace for a woman’s outfit.

Floppy Bow Tie

A bold floppy bow tie can be the women’s answer to their male counterpart. Like a man’s bow tie, these are not quite formal, but not quite casual. The result is that this style can be tricky to match well, but can offer a unique personalization for a variety of different occasions.

The biggest key for wearing a floppy bow tie lies in color and pattern matching. The bow tie itself will draw attention, so you don’t want to make it stand out dramatically from the rest of your outfit.

Black Floppy Bow Tie

The Ascot

The modern-day ascot still largely resembles its formal origins from the nineteenth century as a type of cravat. Typically considered formal, the ascot’s name is derived from the annual Royal Ascot even hosted by the Ascot Racecourse.

The ascot can also work in a dressy casual outfit. Typically, scarves are tied into an ascot, but there are ties made specifically for this purpose. This style is best suited for more leisurely activities.

Butter Yellow Solid Color Scarf

Crossover Tie

If you’re wearing a button-down shirt, you might consider adding a simple crossover tie to add just a little something extra to your outfit. A well-matched crossover tie can add a bit of personality and color without deformalizing the shirt itself.

One thing to consider with these kinds of ties is to match them with the collar carefully. Crossovers tend to be on the smaller side and might not receive the attention they deserve (or the wrong kind of attention) if they look out of place around your neck.

Burgundy Crossover Tie


Modern fashion trends have seen the necktie move away from a strictly male-dominated society. Wearing a necktie can instantly add a bold element to any outfit. The standard necktie has also seen the most experimentation, ranging from a basic baring with a button-up shirt to Avril Lavigne iconic tie and tank top combination. While Avril Lavigne’s style may not be as popular anymore, there are still plenty of nontraditional ways to wear a tie.

In more formal settings, the necktie has seen use by women as part of work uniforms, often in high-end restaurants and other professions that require dressier appearances. This style can work just as well in non-work environments by matching a tie with casual blazers or vests (the darker the better).

For an even more casual look, women can absolutely pull off the open collar, loose tie look men often sport after work. Alternatively, they pair well with sweaters and button-ups for. If you want something even MORE casual, consider swapping the normal tie with a skinny tie to really change things up.

Whatever style of tie you choose to try, just remember that the key to any fashion is confidence. Ties may be a male-dominated trend, but if you wear it like you mean it you can pull it off.

Dark Purple Skinny Solid Color Necktie

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