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Customer Spotlight: Tie-One-On Fundraiser

Cheerleaders posing with a woman wearing a purple bow tie for a fundraiser

Step into the gymnasium of Albert M. Lowry High School in Winnemucca, NV, where every year the crowd gathers not just for hoops, but for a showdown of a different kind: A bow tie tying competition!

The annual Tie-One-On event takes place between the boys’ and girls’ basketball game to raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease. The fundraiser is put together by Age- and Dementia-Friendly Winnemucca (ADF-Winnemucca), a local community organization that is seeking to make its city inclusive and friendly for all.

Of course, a bow tie competition needs ties, and that’s where TieMart comes in. Gini C. of ADF-Winnemucca found TieMart several years ago through an internet search.

“I love your products, the variety in purple, the price, and the quality,” she said.

Initially, the organization opted to reuse the same purple bow ties from one year to the next. (Purple is the color of choice for Alzheimer's awareness.) However, they soon recognized the potential to amplify their message by investing in new bow ties each year.

“If we want the message to resonate, the purple bow ties need to be flashed around town,” Gini said. For the 2024 competition, Gini purchased a variety of purple solid color and pattern bow ties, in a self-tie style of course.

ADF-Winnemucca then decked the gym out in purple. Purple ribbons were handed out to every attendee, including fans, coaches, basketball players and members of the cheer squad from Lowry High School and their opponent.

The moment arrived to showcase those tying skills! Thirteen members of the Lowry High School cheer team took center court to tie bow ties on invited guests of honor. Among them were coaches from both basketball teams, esteemed figures such as the mayor and representatives from various community organizations.

Cheerleaders about to tie bow ties onto others

Once all the bow ties were tied, judges selected winners based on both the fastest and the best tied bow ties.

A woman smiling as a bow tie is tied onto her

This year’s event was another success! “$669 was donated and will be used for respite and education,” said Gini.

In addition to raising awareness for Alzheimer's, Gini also hopes that the high school students will embrace the bow tie trend.

“Bow ties are just cool and I am hoping our high school students grab onto this fashion statement.”

Age- and Dementia-Friendly Winnemucca
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