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6 Ways To Avoid Prom-y Groomsmen Attire

Couple dressed in pink for prom

Truth: The easiest way to select groomsmen attire is to exactly match the ties to the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Reality: This can look prom-y.

Quick definition of prom-y: Looking like you are going to prom. Think teenage girl in a pink puffy dress. Teenage boy in a tux and matching pink bow tie. Let’s finish things off with a matching pink corsage and boutonniere.

Don't worry, there are ways to dress your groomsmen and look like adults. Let's take a look.

1. Choose Accent Colors

This one is easy if your wedding has an accent color. Typically, bridesmaids wear dresses in the main wedding color, so we're going to assume this here. (Apologies if we're wrong!)

While the ladies are wearing that main wedding color, choose ties and accessories for the guys in the accent color. With all your guys and gals together at the alter, this will really show off your complete wedding theme.

Blush Pink Slim Solid Color Necktie

2. Use Coordinating Colors

Wait, aren't coordinating colors the same as accent colors? Not necessarily.

Typically your accent colors are in a different color family than your main wedding color. Dusty blue and burgundy, blush pink and sage green, eggplant purple and burnt orange. You get it.

The easiest way to select a coordinating color is to select a different shade in the same color family.

Let's explain. So if your bridesmaids are wearing dusty blue, look for light blue or navy blue ties for the groomsmen. Wisteria purple dresses? Try a lilac or darker lapis for the guys' ties.

The key here is to keep the tone of the colors the same. Neon green doesn't coordinate with sage green, folks.

Dusty Blue Premium Bow Tie

3. Pattern Ties

Warning: This is the most difficult option we're telling you about.

Good news: It's really not hard.

Pattern ties are the best way to add your wedding color to the groomsmen's outfits, without that prom-y look. The pattern can incorporate A LOT of your wedding color, or just a touch. Either way, your guys won't look prom-y.

However, there are two mistakes we see couples make when trying to find patterned wedding ties. Here they are:

Mistake #1: Looking for a pattern tie that incorporates every single one of your wedding colors.

Just because it's a pattern tie doesn't mean it needs to include your main wedding color and all of your accents. If you can find a pattern that incorporates all of your wedding colors, consider yourself lucky.

Otherwise, look for patterns with touches of your main wedding color or an accent color. It could be the main color of the tie, or a simple stripe in the tie.

If you really want to add more of your wedding colors to your groomsmen's outfits, add solid color pocket squares. Your choice whether it matches a color in the tie or pulls in one of those accent colors. Either way, your guys won't look prom-y. We promise!

Mistake #2: Passing on pattern ties that include colors not in your wedding colors.

So you found the perfect patterned wedding tie, but it has a color in it that's not part of your wedding. Quick answer: So what.

When you put the tie near your wedding colors, your wedding colors are what will stand out. (Even if it's not the main color of the tie.)

Case in point: Floral wedding ties. Floral wedding ties are trending right now. And, why not?! They are gorgeous. But most of the floral ties out there are vibrant and full of multiple colors. Pinks, blues, greens, orange. You get it. Guess what color will stand out at your dusty blue wedding? (Did you guess the blues? Because you're right.)

As long as something in the tie matches your wedding colors, the average person isn't even going to realize your groomsmen's floral ties had orange flowers in it, too.

Coral Clara Paisley Necktie

4. Stick To Neutrals

Here's a great option if you're worried about your wedding photos looking outdated in 10...20...30...50 years. Neutrals!

It doesn't matter what color your bridesmaids are wearing. A neutral tie will match their dresses.

Black ties and ivory ties are most popular styles for groomsmen right now. Consider silver (gray) ties or white ties, too.

Don't forget about brown, beige, tan or champagne ties. These earthtone hues go well with those popular dusty wedding colors. (Looking at you, dusty blue!)

Gray Premium Solid Color Necktie

5. Skip The Ties

Gasp! We're a tie company so this one is a bit hard to swallow. But, let's face it, not every groomsman wears a tie to a wedding. (And yes, we've seen some great tie-less groomsmen outfits.)

So if you do skip the groomsmen tie, you can add any of the above suggestions to the guys' pocket squares or boutonniere elements.

And honestly, you can even match that pocket square to the bridesmaid dress color without looking prom-y. The lack of tie is enough to keep your groomsmen from looking like they are headed to a school dance.

Bright Coral and Navy Blue Striped Pocket Square

6. Mismatched Attire

So you read all these ideas but, quite frankly, you still want your groomsmen wearing solid color wedding ties that match the bridesmaids.

Here's our way to do this and avoid looking like you're headed to prom: Mismatched groomsmen attire.

Yup, mismatch the groomsmen's clothing pieces. There are a couple ways to do this.

Set on gray suits or vests for the guys? Good! Our favorite way to mismatch groomsmen styles is to divide the groomsmen in half. They all wear the same style of formalwear, be it a suit or vest. But some wear it in a lighter gray and some wear it in a darker gray.

If your guys are wearing navy or black, you can also mismatch their clothing pieces instead. Half in a three-piece suit (jacket, vest and pants). Put the other half in the same vest and pants, but no jacket.

The key to this look is that the guys are still wearing the same clothing pieces, just in different colors or pieces. (Keep their dress shirts the same, too.)

Once you start mixing and matching different brands, styles or cuts of clothing, your wedding party will start to look like a group of random wedding guests.

Congrats! You're now an expert on avoiding the prom-y wedding look. Bookmark our site (www.tiemart.com) and come on back when you're ready to buy groomsmen ties. TieMart offers wedding neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, socks and suspenders for the groom, groomsmen and ring bearers, too. Prices are wedding-budget friendly and the selection is huge, so you'll find ties to fit any of the above scenarios. For color matching, we offer totally free color swatches for customers in the United State and Canada.

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