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Groomsmen Attire Q&A: We’re Renting Suits. Do I Need To Buy Ties For My Groomsmen?

Groom wearing a black tie, gray suit and colorful flower boutonnieres

It’s true. Most couples have their groomsmen rent a suit or tux for their wedding day.

When you go to the tux shop, groomsmen’s accessories are usually included or available as an add-on. We’re talking the tie, pocket square, shoes, even down to their socks and belt.

So why in the world would you go elsewhere and buy wedding ties for your groomsmen when it already comes with the tux?

Believe it our not, every year thousands of our customers do.

Here’s why.


You head to the tux shop with your dream groomsmen look in mind. Maybe it’s a navy blue suit with a tie in the exact shade of your bridesmaid dresses. You get to the tuxedo shop, excited to make your selections. This will be easy, right? Wrong. You might be surprised to find that many tuxedo stores have a very limited selection when it comes to ties and tie colors. (Yes, even those chains.)

Now, some of the smaller tux shops will go out of their way to find you the ties you’ve envisioned. Coral paisley ties. Wisteria striped. Dark burgundy matte. Oh yes, they can special order those for your wedding, for a premium.

Want to take a guess where those ties are coming from?

We sell a lot of ties to tuxedo shops. Don’t get us wrong. We love their business. But they are often coming to TieMart for those special order wedding ties.

So, if there is a specific tie (style, color, etc.) you want your groomsmen in and aren't willing to settle with tuxedo shop options, you're going to be buying wedding ties for your groomsmen.

Don't worry. We offer a few ties here at TieMart. (Okay, maybe 5,000+.) We can help.

Coral Clara Paisley Slim Necktie


We already mentioned those special order ties from the tuxedo shops that will cost you more than buying the ties yourself. For some, the convenience is worth the upsell. But if you’re on a strict wedding budget, buying the ties yourself will save you some bucks.

Even if you’re selecting ties from what the tuxedo shop offers, no special orders, once you add on all the available groomsmen accessories, you still usually come out ahead to buy groomsmen ties yourself.

It’s true. A tuxedo shop may include the tie or charge you something minimal, says $3, with a rented suit. But then if you want a pocket square, you have to buy that for $15 from the tux shop. Socks? Add $10. Lapel pin? $20. Add it all up. Simply renting the tux, shirt and shoes, while buying the groomsmen’s ties and accessories yourself, will often save you money. Especially for large wedding parties.

Coral Clara Paisley Pocket Square

How To Buy Groomsmen Ties

So now that you've decided to buy the groomsmen ties and accessories yourself, you need to know where to start. TieMart can help.

Start with our tie color page. You'll find a huge list of our solid and pattern ties grouped by color. You can also check out our matching bridesmaid dress page. We list a ton of different bridesmaid dress colors with links to which of our ties are the best match. Just be careful. A lot of dress companies use the same color names, but their colors are different. Which brings us to:

Free color swatches. Once you've had a look at our tie colors, we recommend requesting free color swatches of the ties you're interested in to make sure they match your wedding colors. Seriously, if you're in the US or Canada we'll send you free fabric swatches from our ties so you can see the colors in person before you make a purchase.

Check out our wedding guide for more wedding tie info. You'll find info on wedding tie styles and sizes, groomsmen accessories besides the tie (suspenders, socks, pocket squares, etc.), and a ton more wedding day tips.

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TieMart offers budget-friendly wedding ties in a huge range of colors and patterns. You'll find accessories for your entire wedding party, from the groom and groomsmen to the ring bearer and father of the bride. Match your wedding colors by requesting free fabric color swatches today.

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See tie colors in person before you buy with free fabric color swatches.


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