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How To Plan A Fourth of July Wedding

American flag and sparklers

Warm summer nights, extra days off work, fireworks every anniversary. The Fourth of July is the height of summer and an irresistible wedding date. When planning a wedding on any holiday, there are some extra considerations. Here are our top tips for an unforgettable July 4th wedding.

Save The Date

If your wedding date falls on any holiday, save the dates are a must. Modern etiquette advises sending save the dates 6-8 months before the wedding date and 8-10 months prior for destination weddings. Because Independence Day is such a popular time for vacations and other summer events, get ahead of your guests' plans and follow destination wedding timelines.


The best part of getting married on July 4th is the fireworks. Take advantage of this free entertainment and find an outdoor venue where you and your guests will have a great view of local fireworks. Be sure to confirm the date of the fireworks though! Many cities plan their fireworks on dates surrounding the 4th and what they did the year before may not be the same as the next.

Wedding Favors

Normally we’d say save the money and skip the wedding favors. For a Fourth of July wedding, incorporate favors into the night’s events. (An Independence Day wedding is an event, afterall, not just a night of dinner and dancing.)

Sparklers are popular for weddings year round, but when you get married on the Fourth of July they are a must! (Plus, you can package them with a cute saying like Let Love Sparkle.)

Get nostalgic and think back to how you spent Independence Day as a kid. If black snake fireworks and pop-its made an appearance each year, add them to your wedding. Were s’mores a July 4th tradition? If your venue allows it, build a campfire and set up a s’mores station. There's nothing wrong with adding a few lawn games (horseshoes, bag toss) either.

Just remember to keep it safe! Babysitters are hard to come by on holidays, so a kid-free Independence Day wedding isn't likely. If your venue doesn’t provide someone, designate a groomsmen, usher or older nephew to supervise each activity.

Themes And Colors

There’s really only one way to theme your July 4th wedding: Americana. Shades of red, white and blue should dominate your wedding. To keep things elegant, you don’t have to be bold and over the top. Instead of a bright American blue, consider pairing navy blue and red. Rather than decorating with American flags, simple stars and stripes will do.

Red, White and Blue Striped Bow Tie


A Fourth of July wedding isn’t traditional, it’s so much more! The attire of the wedding party should match the event. Look for bridesmaid dresses in red, navy or neutral colors. It’s likely the groom and groomsmen will look too formal in tuxedos. Instead, opt for a bit less traditional look. (A navy blazer, white dress shirt, khaki pants and a red or subtly patriotic tie is our top pick.) If you do go the black tuxedo route for the guys, tie their look in with a pop of hidden Americana, such as red and navy argyle socks, an American flag tie bar or red, white and blue boutonniere.

American Flag Tie Bar

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