Fall 2017 Wedding Colors

Fall 2017 Top Wedding Colors
The List: Top Fall Wedding Colors

Let’s not kid ourselves. Blush pink has been the hottest wedding color of 2017, and it’s not going anywhere for fall weddings. We've seen it paired with navy and gold all year, but this fall deep reds like wine, burgundy and crimson will take navy's place.

A new color to quickly enter the wedding scene this summer was serene (or steele) blue. This is the blue equivalent of blush. It's light, subtle and neutral. We've seen it paired with blush and other light pinks, but what's interesting it how often we're seeing it used as the primary wedding color. Keep an eye on this blue-gray color past the fall wedding season. We have a suspicion we'll be seeing more of this color and other blues in 2018.

Purples are always at their height of popularity in fall. 2017 is no exception with rich purple shades like eggplant and wisteria trending. (These two shades look great together, too!)

Greenery was picked as Pantone's color of the year for 2017. We've definitely seen similar shades of greenery used in weddings this year, but usually as an accent color to blush in flowers and decor. In the first half of the year, subtle shades of green were hot (think of the sage shade used in Pippa Middleton's wedding). For fall, the shade of green will get a bit deeper to match the season, like olive or fern.

For color inspiration, here are a few of our favorite fall wedding palettes:

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Blushing Bride

This is our favorite look for fall 2017 weddings, and likely to be the most popular, too. The combination of blush pink with deep reds is soft and romantic. Gold accents only enhance the look. If you're getting married in late fall or early winter, don't worry. This combination will stay strong through the winter.

Beautiful Blue

Serene and blush go together perfectly. These colors share the same subtle tones. To make the combination look less boy and girl/blue and pink, accent the colors with olive green or other dark and subtle shades of green. Go overboard adding greenery to the bouquets, boutonniere or wedding cake.

Gorgeous Gems

We're excited to see deep jewel-tones like gem and jade back in the wedding scene this fall. The color transforms blush, giving it an added richness. If you've been to a lot of blush weddings this year but still have your heart set on this pale pink for your wedding, adding gem to blush will make your wedding stand apart. An agate or geode theme will match this color combo, too. (Hello, dream wedding cake!)

Classic Fall

Eggplant and burnt orange is a wedding combination we see each fall. For an outdoor wedding, these rich colors shine against a backdrop of changing leaves. There are a couple ways to update this look with blush. Consider using blush as your main wedding color with eggplant and burnt orange as accents. (Such as blush bridesmaid dresses with eggplant and burnt orange bouquets). Or use eggplant and burnt orange as your main wedding colors and accent with blush. Blush and eggplant pair well together and truly pop with subtle burnt orange accents.

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