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Are Pre-Tied Ties Professional?

Pre-tied zipper ties hanging from a dresser

Quick Answer: Absolutely

Face it. Pre-tied ties don't get the respect they deserve. Most men aren't familiar with today's pre-knotted options, so they assume they're only for kids or prom or those who can't tie a tie. (All totally fake news!) Despite how realistic these ties look nowadays, people still question whether they're professional. So let's dive in and take a look at why pre-tied ties are absolutely professional.  

The Knot

The main difference of a pre-tied tie over a standard tie is that tie knot. It's ready to wear and does not come undone. Many people assume pre-knotted tie knots look cheesy or obvious that they're faux knots. But that's just not true. Pre-tied ties are so well made today that, when worn, it’s hard to tell a pre-tied tie from one someone tied himself.

Most knots on pre-tied ties look similar to a Windsor or half Windsor tie knot, depending on the tie width. These definitely aren’t cheesy tie knots. In fact, they are quite respected as far as knots go.

Pre-tied tie knots resemble the Windsor or half Windsor knot, which are rather professional knots.

The Length

Since it's always tied, the length of a pre-tied tie is different than a standard tie. Standard ties typically come in 57-inch (regular) lengths and 63-inch (extra long) lengths. Pre-tied ties have their equivalents though. A pre-tied tie is measured from the top of the knot to the tip of the tie. For most men, this length is about 20-inches, which happens to be the length of a regular men's pre-tied tie. An extra long pre-tied tie (yes, these are a thing) are usually 22- to 23-inches long. Pre-tied ties are also readily available in 17-inch lengths, which is a shorter length that is often worn by women and teens for uniforms.    

Just like standard ties, pre-tied ties come in different lengths, including extra long.


We can't say it enough. Once a pre-tied tie is put on properly with a collared shirt, there is no way to tell that the tie is pre-tied. (Unless you're showing people, that is.) Always tied ties look like any other tie when worn. So really, it's kind of funny that anyone questions whether pre-tied ties are professional when, in a business environment, no one will know that you're even wearing a pre-tied tie.

Styles And Patterns

When shopping for pre-tied ties, there are less choices available simply because more men wear standard ties. Most department stores only carry standard ties as well, so you typically have to shop online for pre-tied ties. (Good thing TieMart is around.) However, this doesn't mean it's slim pickings when it comes time to shop. Pre-tied ties are available in different widths and a huge range of colors, patterns and materials. In fact, some are the same exact patterns as standard ties. So it's safe to say if the pattern is professional on a standard tie, it's going to be professional on a pre-knotted tie as well.

Nope, not just solid black. Pre-tied ties can be found in many colors and patterns.


Since they look identical, there is no reason why a pre-tied tie isn't professional. However, proper business etiquette still should be followed when wearing a pre-tied tie.

When selecting a pre-tied tie for business, follow the same guidelines you would with a regular tie. Pre-tied ties can be found in different widths these days, from traditional to skinny, so select a width that is appropriate for the workplace. In more creative fields, a skinny or slim pre-tied tie might be okay. For more conservative dress codes (think bankers, accountants, lawyers, etc.) stick to pre-tied ties in those traditional widths 3-inches or wider.

Look for business appropriate colors and patterns, too. We're big fans of blues, burgundy, grays and dark greens for the office. Solid colors, plaid, geometrics and paisleys are all business appropriate.

When wearing a pre-tied tie in a professional environment, follow the same width, pattern and color guidelines that you would for a standard tie.


Outside of an office environment, pre-tied ties are popular for uniform wear. Restaurants, caterers, hotel staff, security officers, students—they're all known to wear pre-tied ties.

If you're going through the effort of putting a group in the same tie, then appearance obviously matters. However, sometimes you lose that professional, cohesive look when everyone ties their tie differently. Looser knots, tighter knots, different knot styles. This can look sloppy pretty quickly. Enter the pre-tied tie. In group wear, pre-tied ties can actually look more professional than standard ties. With a pre-tied tie, everyone's knot is going to look identical. But, as we've assured you, from an outsider's perspective the ties will look like any other necktie. The result is a very put together group or staff, which reflects positively on the school, business or other organization.

Pre-tied ties often look more professional than standard ties in a group or staff setting.

There you have it, you guys. As long as you're wearing those pre-tied ties appropriately, they are absolutely ready for professional environments. For more detailed info on pre-tied tie styles, including which style is best for you, check out our post What Is A Pre-Tied Tie?.

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