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Choosing Your Necktie Width

Man wearing an untied blue and silver striped tie

Pick A Size, Any Size

Skinny, slim, narrow, traditional. Neckties come in several different widths. But what does it all mean? We're breaking it down for you below.

Traditional 3.5" Width

Let's start with the classics. No matter where you shop, today's standard ties measure between 3.25- and 3.5-inches wide. This is your can't go wrong, go-to width for any situation, whether it's a job interview or a formal event. Your father wore this width of tie, and his dad may have, too.

Black Clara Paisley Necktie

Narrow 3" Width

Narrow ties are a great in-between width that anyone can pull off. Whether you're big or small, it won't look too skinny and it won't look too wide. It's versatility makes it the ideal size for large groups where males and females are wearing the same tie. Most ties labeled specifically for uniform wear are a 3-inch width as well.

Calabasas Floral Cotton Narrow Necktie

Slim 2.5" Width

Slim ties are becoming the standard for stylish young professionals. They can be dressed up or down, knotted tightly or loosely, and look just as good with a suit as they do with jeans. It's also a great size for pre-teens who may be tall enough for a men's length of tie, but not yet wide enough to fill out a traditional 3.5-inch width.

Dusty Blue Premium Slim Necktie

Skinny 2" Width

Skinny ties are trendy and fashion forward. They’re great for day to day wear, with a slim-cut suit or a button down shirt. Get creative! Skinny ties can look fantastic, but use caution. Because of the width, it can look disproportionate on wider individuals. It's also best to stick with smaller knots, like the four-in-hand, as not to overpower the tie.

Like the classics? Ready to try slim ties? Think your group can rock the skinnies? All of these widths can be found at TieMart.com. Look for the width filter when you shop to narrow by size.

Silver Elite Striped Skinny Necktie, 2" Width

About TieMart

TieMart is an online retailer of men’s neckties, bow ties and other accessories. A wide selection of pattern ties are available at TieMart, including popular paisley ties for weddings, traditional plaid ties for the office and collegiate two-color striped ties for graduation or school uniforms. Send in a picture and you can even create a custom photo tie. TieMart ties are affordable and ship quickly from their Midwest location.


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