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Customer Spotlight: Lance, A TieMart Grabatologist

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Grabatologist: A Tie Collector

The average man owns less than 25 ties. Longtime TieMart customer Lance H. isn’t exactly average. He owns well over 3,000 neckties! (Pretty sure that qualifies him as a grabatologist.) Let’s take a closer look at his tie collection.

Meet Lance (And His Ties)

Lance was introduced to TieMart through his late partner, who was one of TieMart’s first customers. His partner wore a suit to work everyday, so he had quite the collection of ties, too.

Lance is now retired and spends his days improving his 1910-era home. But retirement doesn’t stop him from wearing a tie.

“I love to dress up,” Lance said. “I am old fashioned in the sense I feel dressing up means wearing a dress shirt and tie at least with some nice slacks and a suit.”

Even with thousands of ties in his collection, Lance has a very hard time walking through a department store without buying a tie. For the most part, he heads to the clearance section to look for a deal. When he shops at TieMart, however, he doesn’t click straight to sale and clearance.

“[TieMart has] many great ties at much less than the department store prices,” Lance said.

As far as Lance’s collection goes, striped and paisley ties are his all-time favorite. However, knowing his love of ties, his friends and family have gifted him many other patterns over the years. His accessory collection doesn’t stop with ties either. Lance also has an appreciation for tie bars, cummerbunds, satin scarves, socks, and more recently, face masks.

Thanks so much for sharing your tie collection with us, Lance! We can’t wait to see which ties you pick out next.

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