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Father's Day Coloring Pages

Father's day kids drawing in crayon

Color A Tie For Dad

The tie and Father's Day go together like peanut butter and jelly! Make sure the kids have a special tie to give dad with these printable Father's Day coloring book pages. They're totally free and sized for standard printer paper. Just click, download, print and start coloring. Choose from a necktie or bow tie template. Come see!

Color A Necktie

This blank necktie outline is waiting for your child's imagination. The large size gives the kids plenty of room to design and color. Once their work is complete, the tie can be cut out, used as a card or left whole. Whatever you decide, dad will love it! Click the image below to download the page.

Click the necktie image to open the full-size 8.5" by 11" coloring book page.

Color A Bow Tie

If bow ties are more dad's thing, design a bow tie for dad instead! (This page is great to mix things up if you have more than one child!) Click below to download this free printable bow tie coloring page. Just like the necktie page, you can cut out the child's artwork, turn it into a card or leave the sheet whole!

Click the bow tie image to open the full-size 8.5" by 11" coloring book page.

More Things To Color

Feeling crafty? Go beyond paper and let your child's design an actual tie! White polyester ties are great for DIY projects. The ties can be colored on with fabric markers, crayons or paint. Check out our step-by-step guide to decorating a tie for dad. Once you're ready, don't miss our top DIY Father's Day ties and accessories.

White Slim Solid Color Necktie, 2.5" Width

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