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A Guide To Holiday Sock Exchanges

Three pairs of socks stuffed and wrapped for holiday gift exchange

It's the holiday season and you want to have a get together with some friends. You've done the Secret Santa, an ugly sweater party, even an ornament decorating party. This year you are looking for something different, while also sticking to a budget everyone can get down with. Our answer: A crazy holiday sock exchange!

If you have never heard of a crazy sock exchange, it goes a little something like this:

Step 1

As a group, determine a spending limit. This can include the price of the socks and goodies, or simply the goodies. (We'll get to those goodies soon.)

Men's Kelly Green Socks

Step 2

Purchase a pair of socks. You don't want any old pair of white socks. Look for socks that are colorful, crazy or holiday themed. Try to find socks that are one-size fits all, so anyone in your group can wear them with pride.

Men's Red Socks

Step 3

Fill the socks with goodies, staying within the designated budget of course. Some ideas for "stocking stuffers" include:

The ideas are really endless, just as long as the items fit in the socks and are in your group's budget.

Step 4

Once your socks are stuffed and ready to go, secure the pair together with a ribbon or a bow! (No need to wrap the socks further. You want the sock design on display for the actual exchange.)

Men's Santa Socks

The Exchange

Now, the exchange can be done a couple different ways, but we like the rules of a white elephant exchange the best. (Here's a refresher.)

  1. Everyone puts their stuffed socks in a pile and draws a number.
  2. The person with #1 gets the first pick. Once they have chosen their socks, they open the pair and reveal the goodies inside for all to see.
  3. It's time for the person with #2. The have the option of choosing a pair of socks from the pile and opening them as #1 did, or they can steal #1's socks and goodies. (If they choose to steal, #1 gets a new pick and reveal.)
  4. This continues on until everyone has a pair of socks and goodies.

There are so many great ideas for this exchange. It's a fun, budget friendly way to get together, celebrate the season and exchange gifts with friends and family. Plus, you leave with fun swag and a new pair of awesome socks—who wouldn't love that?!?!

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