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Red Christmas Ties

A man wearing a solid red tie with a white dress shirt

Things are getting festive. With the holidays just around the corner, candy canes, reindeer and nutcrackers are making a comeback. In fact, your coworkers might be getting ready to break out their novelty Christmas ties.

But donning a prancing reindeer necktie isn't for everyone, and that doesn't make you a Scrooge. A red tie can look just as festive come December. Here are 10 red Christmas ties that will give your look some holiday spirit—without a Santa in sight.

1. Red Solid Color Necktie

We're starting with a classic. A solid red tie is the simplest way to look festive, minus a themed print. It's the most worn tie of the holiday season, especially when you factor in group wear like choirs. You can take it anywhere, from the office to a holiday luncheon, too. If a bright red tie is too bold for your style, select a darker red, like crimson, as a substitute.

2. Red Velvet Slim Necktie, 2.5" Width

Red velvet is worthy of Santa's suit, so it's certainly an option for a holiday tie this season. This tie can be worn dressy with your own suit or more casually with a pair of dark jeans and a tartan shirt. But don't pack this tie away after Christmas. Even though velvet is traditionally associated with the holidays, in the last couple years we've seen this plush material worn in warmer seasons, too.

3. Red Elite Striped Necktie

In April or May, this is certainly a power tie. But during the month of December, this red striped tie is totally festive. We have a couple more red striped ties to show you coming up, but this one is the easiest to work into an outfit thanks to its tone-on-tone style. While you can wear it for sleek business attire, it's our top pick for festive formal wear.

4. Red and White Striped Tie

This tie is as close to a novelty tie as we're going to suggest. The red and white stripes certainly give off a candy cane vibe during the holiday season. However, that won't be on anyone's mind when you walk back into the office in April with this exact tie on.

5. Red Douglas Stripe Necktie

At first glance, this isn't a Christmas tie. But the stripes on it remind us of the spools of ribbon used on a perfectly wrapped gift under a Christmas tree. Just like ribbon, the red stripes alternate between ribbing, textures and satin. Bring it to the office or Christmas dinner this December.

6. Red Clara Paisley Necktie

This is another red tie that doesn't necessarily look like a Christmas tie. Paisley is a classic men's tie pattern that is worn year round. But in this all-red design, the tie can certainly be an alternative to a themed Christmas print. It will look great peeking out from a green sweater or with your favorite suit.

7. Red Herringbone Silk Necktie

For a step beyond the red solid tie, consider this red herringbone number for the holidays. It's probably obvious by now that an all-red tie can add a festive touch to a December wardrobe. This herringbone tie keeps things simple with a small herringbone weave, but its added texture makes it a great choice for a dressier Christmas festivity.

8. Red Ivanhoe Paisley Slim Necktie

Here's another tie to dress up your holiday look. The paisley pattern on this red tie is woven from a silver metallic material. With a trendy 2.5-inch width, this is a festive tie to wear to your company's holiday party. But don't pack it away on December 26th. The sparkly details are just right for New Year's Eve, too.

9. Red Superior Striped Slim Necktie

Some of you might disagree with us on this one, and that's okay! But there's something about the combination of red and a light icy blue that has us thinking about Christmas and the winter season, too. We imagine the North Pole looks a lot like this tie.

10. More Solid Red Ties

These next few options upgrade the classic red solid tie. These are completely red ties, but in higher-end material. The red premium tie is made from durable polyester, but this time in a thicker, woven fabric. The red silk tie is made from light and flowy silk, just like you'd imagine the fabric to be. The red cotton/silk tie is a more muted red in a thick yet soft fabric. (The material feels like flannel to us, which is certainly popular in the wintertime.)

In Conclusion

It doesn't take a Santa tie to get into the holiday spirit. From solid colors to patterns, a red tie can look equally as festive as a novelty tie during the holiday season. Plus (bonus!) unlike your coworker's new Christmas tree tie, you'll be able to keep wearing your red tie long after the holidays are over.

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