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The Mystery Of The Bunny Ears

Two chocolate bunnies, one with ears bitten off

Hello! This is Mike from TieMart with an Easter tale for you.

As the caring husband that I am, every year for Easter I buy my wife a chocolate bunny. Within a few days, the ears of the bunny are mysteriously bitten off.

And by mysteriously, I mean my wife eats the ears and tells our children it was me.

But I tell them the truth: Their mother is a liar.

She is, of course, the one leaving the bunnies without their scrumptious, chocolatey ears.

From comparing teeth marks to chocolate bunny stakeouts, over the years our kids have tried to solve what is (to them) the mystery of the bunny ears. Now that they are grown, they say it's a secret my wife and I will take to the grave.

(Even though I've been telling them the truth for years.)

Watch out for those bunny ear bandits! Happy Easter!


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