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Pink Scarves For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink ribbon pattern infinity scarf

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show your support in the fight against breast cancer with these stylish choices that are workplace appropriate and won't break the bank.

Pink scarves are a great accessory for men and women. They can be used in much the same way as a pink tie (or even with a pink tie!) But there are a few extra things to keep in mind with scarves. Mainly, since they are larger and cover more of the neck and body, they can be more like a piece of clothing and less like an accessory, so take a little bit more care matching them with the rest of your outfit.

Pinks can be very vibrant—even "hot"—or very mellow and faded. Pinks of all sorts work well in classic combinations with black, tan or brown. Both faded and bright pinks also work well with blue. Lighter pink scarves mix particularly well with other near pink shades, like coral. They also work with white, tan or brown shades and with combinations of multiple neutral tones. Indeed, with lighter, more faded tones, you might consider going for an assortment of tones instead of distinct colors.

Ways To Wear Scarves (For Men):

The traditional: Drape the scarf over your neck from the back and allow the two loose ends to hang down in front. In the olden days (when everyone dressed the same) this was the only acceptable way for a man to wear a scarf. Think of old pictures of men (which is different than pictures of old men) leaving the theater with scarves peeking out from under their suit coats.

The flip: Start traditional, then flip one side of the scarf over your neck from the front. A classic look, but the flipped end has a tendency to come unflipped, especially if you are doing something active.

The Parisian: A solution to the unflipping problem! Fold the scarf in the middle, and pull the two ends through the loop created. Wear the loop on the front of your neck. You can have a lot of variation here, simply by placing the loop closer or further from your neck.

Double flip: Works best with longer scarves. Loop it twice around your neck. Or make a loop with the scarf and pop it over your head. Like the Parisian, this can be done loosely or tightly, for different looks.

Over Under, Once Around, the Basic, etc.: Tie it like the first knot when you're tying your shoes. It's the way a kid or snowman wears a tie and it has about a hundred different names. But it still looks good if you use it right..

Ways To Wear Scarves (For Women):

Any of the above knots and drapes will work just as well for women's scarves as men's. In addition to these, there are varieties of knots and ties for scarves that are common in women's fashion, but not men's. (Here's a site detailing 25+ of them!) This is in part because of the wider variety of shapes in women's clothing, and in part because scarves are a more recent addition to style for men. Many women's scarves also come in an infinity style today, so no fancy knots are required. Simply throw it on and head out the door.

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