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Pink Ties For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Closeup of a pink ribbon striped scarf

1. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

2. Pink ties look great.

Two excellent reasons to sport a pink tie this summer and fall, and one excellent reason to support your favorite breast cancer charity. So with your style and her health in mind, here are some pointers on how and when to wear a pink tie.

How To Wear A Pink Tie

Rule 1: Don't be afraid. Real men wear pink now.

Rule 2: Read Rule 1 again. Wearing pink sets you apart as a confident dresser and a man of compassion (not to mention a man to be reckoned with). Pink is a new "power" color, in part because of the boldness required to fly in the face of tired old beliefs about men wearing pink.

Rule 3: "It's called power clashing. I do it because I can." If you are a confident power clasher, you don't need our help. If not, here are some pointers for using pink with style. There are two old beliefs about pink that no longer hold true:

1. Men shouldn't wear pink. Nonsense. Pink is powerful.

2. Pink is a color like white, to be worn only during spring and summer and not with heavier fabrics or darker, earthier colors. Also not true. Pink is a very versatile color. It can work like a bold primary color and match well with white, black and dark blue, but since it is a lighter shade it also matches well with other faded hues. For example, it goes extremely well with a light grey shirt or a white shirt with grey pants.

To match pink with non-neutral colors, think of it as a shade of red and match it with other primary colors, like yellow or blue. Pink and blue is a classic combination that rivals pink and grey. Or with complementary (green) or adjacent (purple) colors. Just be careful matching pink with purple: You don't want to go out looking like an Easter egg!

Finally, an advanced tip for the budding power clasher: Many men swear by slightly mismatched pink pocket squares and ties. Try a striped pocket square and solid color tie, or a solid color tie with a square of a slightly lighter or darker hue.

When To Wear A Pink Tie

Whenever you want!

Now, some say that you shouldn't wear pink to a job interview because it gives the impression that you are trying to compete with or challenge your potential employer. The thought is that it's not a humble enough color. Others think that colors like pink and yellow aren't "serious" enough for job interviews. Of course, this warning holds less and less true as more men are donning pink in the work place.

Pink has been touted as an ideal color for dates for a few different reasons. First, many women are impressed by men with the style and confidence to wear pink. Second, pink is a soothing color that tends to put others at ease.

And, of course, if you wear a pink tie out in October, the world will also know that you are doing your part to raise breast cancer awareness. Don't forget, we also offer breast cancer awareness scarves so you can show your support for this cause.

Pink Ribbon Scarf

About TieMart

TieMart offers ties, bow ties, socks, scarves and other accessories in pink ribbon patterns for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These items have been worn in bulk by groups for company uniforms as well as by many individuals showing their support for the cause. Browse TieMart's selection of affordable, in-stock breast cancer awareness ties.


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