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Pumpkin Carving Template

Pumpkins with lids cut off

The hardest part of carving a pumpkin is deciding what to carve! Stop looking for ideas, because here at TieMart we have a free pumpkin carving template you can use this Halloween.

Dapper Jack-O-Lantern

Get ready to have the most dapper pumpkin on the block when you use this printable pumpkin carving template. This pattern is a standard jack-o-lantern face, but in true TieMart form Mr. Pumpkin is wearing a bow tie.

Don't worry guys, we kept things easy with the template. This is a beginners level template, so even the kids can help. (Carving a pumpkin requires sharp tools, so adult supervision is required, of course.)

Download The Template

Click the image below for a free PDF of our dapper pumpkin carving template. The printable PDF will open in a new window.


We included carving instructions on the printable PDF. Here's another look at how to use the free template.

Step 1: After removing the pumpkin pulp and seeds, print this template and tape it to your pumpkin where you want your carving to go.

Step 2: Use a toothpick, golf tee or jack-o’-lantern poking tool and poke through the border of the shapes about every 1/4”. Once all features have been outlined, remove the paper template.

Step 3: Use a knife to carefully cut and remove each shape.

Step 4: Find a fun place for your jack-o’-lantern and put a flameless candle inside.

Show Us Your Pumpkins!

We'd love to see how your pumpkins turned out! Once you've finished, send us a pic on Instagram! Tag your photos with @tiemart.

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