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TieMart Switches To AI For Product Photography

AI generated-like photo of a man wearing a black and white striped tie

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April 1, 2023 (Mundelein, IL)

Online neckwear retailer TieMart, Inc. is embracing technology and looking to the future. As of today, April 1, 2023, the company announced that all product photography will be created by artificial intelligence (AI).

The company has been testing the technology and found the renderings to be interesting and quite the timesaver compared to taking photos of the actual products.

“Going forward, you may find that there are too many fingers, hands or other items out of place in our lifestyle photos. But, remember, it’s not about the people in the photos, it’s about the products and colors,” said TieMart’s head of photography.

TieMart shared some of the photos their customers can expect to see across the company’s website, email marketing and social media presence in the coming weeks.

In this photo, TieMart’s photographer told the AI program to create a photo of a man tying a necktie. Perhaps it's easier to tie a tie with a spare finger.

AI generated-like photo of a man tying a blue tie with too many fingers

Here’s another example, in which the AI was instructed to create a photo of a man wearing a yellow tie casually. That tie is certainly yellow.

AI generated-like photo of a man wearing an extra wide yellow tie with jeans and a hat

And last, but not least, here’s an example of “A man wearing socks outside.”

AI generated-like photo if a man wearing jeans with a red and white striped sock that looks like a shoe

April Fools! It's safe to say that we'll be keeping our cameras around.

About TieMart

TieMart is a family-owned online retailer of neckties, bow ties, socks and other menswear accessories. The company is based in the Midwest, but sells worldwide via their website, www.tiemart.com. TieMart specializes in affordable products for everyday, business wear, groups, uniforms and formal occasions like weddings.



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