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Dusty Blue, Serene Blue And Mystic Blue: What’s The Difference?

We get this question a lot: What’s the difference between our three “dusty” blue shades: Dusty blue, serene blue and mystic blue? Buckle up, because here's the lowdown on each of these cool blue hues.

There Are A Lot Of Dusty Blues

Alright, so you might be wondering why we have not one, not two, but three shades of "dusty" blue. Well, take a scroll through different bridesmaid dress websites, and you'll see the dusty blue spectrum is pretty wide. There are tons of different blues out there and, since we're all about matching, one dusty blue tie just didn't cut it.

Quick heads up, every company has its own way of naming colors. So, what one shop calls dusty blue might not match another's. That's why relying solely on names when matching wedding colors isn't foolproof. Getting a real look at the colors is key. (By the way, keep reading for info on our free dusty blue color swatches for that in-real-life experience.)

Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue is the deepest of our "dusty" blues. Picture this: A rich, muted vibe with some cool gray tones. Yes, there are bridesmaid dresses that it nails the match game. But since it's this deep, versatile hue, our dusty blue ties harmonize with a bunch of wedding colors, even if it's not a spot-on match.

The front of a dusty blue necktie

This is our dusty blue tie and it's the darkest of our three "dusty" blues.

Serene Blue

Meet serene blue, the OG dusty blue in our lineup. We were offering this shade of tie way before dusty blue became the cool kid on the block. It's a medium blue, lighter than our dusty blue and with more saturation than mystic blue. It's looks similar to our mystic blue, especially in terms of brightness, until you hold a serene blue tie near it. Then, you'll definitely spot the difference.

The front of a dusty blue necktie

Our serene blue is the brightest of our "dusty" blues.

Mystic Blue

At first glance, you’ll definitely think dusty blue when you see our mystic blue ties in real life. It's a muted, hazy blue—not too light, not too dark. Mystic blue is kind of like serene blue, but it learns towards more of a grayish or even a slightly greenish tint.

The front of a dusty blue necktie

Our mystic blue tie is a muted and hazy blue.

Free Color Swatches

We know how tricky it is to match colors from a screen, especially with all the variations of a shade like dusty blue. That's where our lifesaver comes in—free color swatches. We've always offered our customers these because who wants the headache of returns and exchanges when you're planning a wedding. Our free color swatches let you see the colors (and fabric) in real life before committing to an order.

Now, as much as we'd love to send out our entire rainbow of swatches, that's just not practical. (We have a ton of tie colors!) So, we've capped it at two color swatches per person. However, we always include extra shades. If you request dusty blue and serene blue, we’re going to include mystic blue for you, too. And if you need more colors, just let us know in the comment box on the request form.

Quick note: Free color swatches are only available if you're in the U.S. or Canada.

Steel Blue Member Floral

If you're in a time crunch and can't order swatches, or want a dusty blue pattern, check out our steel blue member floral. It's a mix of lighter and darker blues with a hint of iridescence, so when the light hits it the colors do a cool little dance.

With all these shades, it meshes perfectly with most of those "dusty" blue choices out there. This tie is really, really popular right now and happens to be a personal favorite of ours. You can pick it up in different necktie widths, bow ties, pocket squares and even a ring bearer bow tie. (We have a must-see post on wedding tie styles in case you aren't quite sure which tie suits your groomsmen best.)

Oh, and if you're on the hunt for solid ties for the wedding, this pattern's BFF is serene blue. Just a heads up!

The front of a dusty blue necktie

Our steel blue member floral combines several dusty blue hues.

"Dusty Blue" Ties In Real Life

Alright, so we said dusty blue is a hit for weddings, but we're not just talking the talk. Here are snapshots of real TieMart customers wearing our shades of dusty blue on their wedding day.

Danielle and Cayd picked serene blue for their groomsmen.

This groomsman is wearing a serene blue necktie.

Austin is wearing our dusty blue tie.

This groom wore our steel blue member floral necktie.

Rob offset his groomsmen's serene blue neckties with our steel blue member floral tie.

About TieMart

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