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7 Father of the Bride Responsibilities

Father of bride walking up step with daughter

Congrats, your little girl is getting married. The bride to be and her mother are probably busy planning her dream wedding. That doesn't mean you're left in the dust, dad. There's more for the father of the bride to do besides opening his checkbook. Here are 7 father of the bride responsibilities to get started on.

1. Meet The Parents

In today’s age, there is a good chance you've never met your daughter's future in-laws. Now is the perfect opportunity. Coordinate a dinner with your daughter, future son-in-law and both sets of parents before the big day. A few tips:

  • Don't feel pressured to have them over to your home. Make reservations at a restaurant for a level playing field.
  • Check for any food allergies or preferences before choosing a restaurant. Not everyone likes sushi and that local steakhouse might not be the best choice for a vegetarian.
  • When it comes time to pay the bill, etiquette says that whoever planned the dinner should also pay the bill. Sorry Dad, that's you!

2. Tour Guide

With so many guests headed into town, the bride and groom may feel the need to entertain them. But with their big day just around the corner, the reality is that they often don't have the time. Step in and play tour guide. Plan short, inexpensive day trips or activities to entertain guests and show off your town.

3. Pay For The Wedding

Traditionally, the father of the bride is financially responsible for the wedding. Nowadays, that's not always the case, and that's okay. Sometimes the bride and groom will contribute, as well the parents of the groom.

Even if you're not paying for the wedding, offer to help deliver payments to the vendors. Some wedding vendors require payments a day or two before the wedding, or even immediately after the reception. This is a busy time for the bride and groom and having someone in charge of delivering payments is a big help.

4. Select The Menu

If you know your stuff when it comes to food and wine, why not choose the reception meal and wine selection. Select the hor d'oeuvres, the courses and reds and whites that pair well with each dish. (Usually the cake is something the bride and groom pick out, but you might want to go along for the tasting!) Bonus! If you're paying for the wedding, being in charge of the menu will give you some control over the budget.

A wedding day meal on a place setting on top of white linens.

If you're paying for the wedding, being in charge of the menu will give you some control of the budget.

5. Choose Your Wedding Attire

What you wear to your daughter's wedding might be up to you to decide or you may be wearing the same suit or tux as the wedding party. Find out from your daughter before you go out and buy a new suit. Be sure to check out our post on How To Dress The Father Of The Bride for more tips.

6. Walk Down The Aisle

This is one we're sure you know of, and you've probably thought about since your daughter was a little girl. The dad escorts the bride down the aisle and 'gives her away' to the groom. You may do this on your own, or the bride's mother may join you.

7. Father-Daughter Dance

If you've ever imagined walking your daughter down the aisle, you've probably thought to the father-daughter dance. Traditionally, after the bride and groom have their first dance, the father and bride will dance as well. Unless your daughter insists otherwise, pick out the song. This might be something very special that has always reminded you of her. To make the moment even more special, keep the song choice a secret until the big dance!

If you really want to go all out, some dads choreograph a surprise dance routine with their daughters. Don't worry if you don't have the dance skills, the wedding guests won't care! The best father-daughter surprise dances we've seen start out with a traditional slow dance before switching speeds to something more lively. Think disco, Michael Jackson, Grease, boy bands, etc.

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