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Customer Spotlight: Custom Photo Ties For The Win

A black necktie with a photo of a runner crossing a finish line

Kim H. is no stranger to running. As a member of two running clubs in Minneapolis, she conquered a scorching 5K race last summer and her first-place finish was captured on photo. Inspired by her win, her proud father, Todd, set out to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized Christmas gift for Kim's fiancé.

“Kim's fiancé wears a tie to work each day, making TieMart the perfect option for something special that could also be part of his daily life,” said Todd.

An internet search led Todd to TieMart and their custom photo ties. He sent in a cropped image of his daughter crossing the finish line on the 90-degree night. (We told you it was a scorcher!)

“The plan was for the tie to look innocently like a black tie when a suit coat is buttoned,” Todd said.

An image of a runner crossing a finish line, with part cropped out

Here's the first photo Todd sent TieMart to create a custom photo tie.

TieMart’s design team reached back out to see if Todd had an uncropped photo available. The team suspected they could position the image in the bottom of the tie, without a border necessary, and achieve the look he envisioned.

With the original photo in hand, TieMart worked their editing magic to brighten the colors just enough to make Kim pop even more in the finished product. Once the adjustments were made, the design phase kicked off.

A larger photo of a runner crossing a finish line

Here's the uncropped, original photo TieMart used for the design, which was taken by photographer Tim Sullivan. The larger image file allowed for a clearer finished product.

It was a twilight race, so when Kim crossed the finish line it was already dark outside. The night sky, however, helped Todd's vision of a nearly solid black tie come to life. TieMart’s design team filled the tie's tip with Kim's image. The night sky seamlessly blended into the desired black background.

A digital sample of the photo tie was emailed to Todd for approval. Todd signed off on the design and it was time to create the final product: A men’s slim necktie.

A black necktie with a photo of a runner crossing the finish line at the base

Here's a look at the digital tie sample TieMart sent to Todd.

This process took place at TieMart's Illinois location using dye sublimation. The design was printed onto a special transfer paper and then permanently heat-pressed onto a pre-manufactured slim tie. As this method is done manually for each tie, TieMart can produce individual custom tie orders or larger quantities if needed.

The gift was a hit. According to Todd, Kim’s fiancé was very surprised and excited to have a tie in his arsenal that shows off his fiancé.

The custom photo tie was printed via dye sublimation, which permanently transfers the design to a pre-manufactured necktie.

“Working with TieMart was great. [The designer] Kari made things go very smoothly and was a great help,” said Todd.

As for Kim, she recently headed to Orlando, FL for another race—the Olympic Trials Marathon!

Photo Credit

Special thanks to Tim Sullivan, the photographer responsible for capturing the image used on the tie.

About TieMart

TieMart can create custom ties for gifts, individuals and companies. In small quantities or for rush orders, custom ties are created in their Mundelein, IL warehouse. (Larger orders can be manufactured overseas.) The process is affordable ($29.95 each or less depending on quantities) and orders can be turned around quickly. To get started, send your artwork on their custom photo tie page. TieMart puts the design together and sends a free digital sample to approve.



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