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Meet Wendy

TieMart customers service rep Wendy with her pet dog

Have You Met Wendy?

If you’ve ever given us a ring here at Tiemart, you may have spoken with Wendy. Wendy is on our customer service team and she is (seriously!) one of the nicest people we know!

Wendy has been with us for 5 years. She started out shipping your ties, but her bubbly personality made it obvious to us that she should be answering the phones.

When Wendy's not at the office, you'll find her at a zumba class or hanging out with her BEAUTIFUL dog, Nikki. Nikki's a 13-year old Samoyed whose hobbies include napping, long walks and eating bbq ribs.

Side note: Our favorite Nikki story happened a couple years ago. Wendy went home for lunch and found Nikki sprawled out on the couch watching daytime TV. Yep, she figured out how to turn the TV on herself!

Ask Wendy about Nikki next time you give us a call.


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