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Customer Spotlight: Pink Ribbon Wedding

Bride and groom at breast cancer awareness themed wedding

Brian and his wife, Rita, had a lot to celebrate when they got married on October 10, 2020: Ten years together and one successful breast cancer fight.

Their wedding was to be a pink event to remember. They planned a 300-person pink and black wedding, honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Rita's successful fight.

Unfortunately, the pandemic forced the couple to alter their plans. Despite two years of planning, they scaled their wedding down to 30 guests. The breast cancer awareness theme, however, was still a go. The groomsmen were the talk of the town wearing black suits, fuchsia boutonnieres and TieMart breast cancer awareness striped ties.

Wedding party wearing black and pink ribbon breast cancer ties

Let's not forget Rita's stunning ensemble. She wore an all-black wedding dress with pops of pink in a ribbon brooch and rose bouquet. The finishing touch was a pair of pink and black breast cancer survivor heels Brian had custom made for her.

Custom breast cancer awareness survivor shoes

The couple hoped to reschedule their 300-person wedding to October 2021, but decided to wait one more year. 10-10-22 has a nice ring to it.

Face mask wedding cake for

TieMart Breast Cancer Awareness Ties

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