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Funeral Guide - Funeral Ties - Men's Attire Tips

Men's black tie, belt and shoes

Funerals are an unfortunate part of life. When the time comes to honor a loved one, it's important to be dressed appropriately.

TieMart's Funeral Guide is designed to help you find the right attire for this difficult time. This might be a traditional black suit and black tie. Or perhaps you're looking to personalize a funeral with ties to honor the deceased.

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to funeral attire. Orders placed Monday through Friday by 12 pm central time ship the same day. Delivery options as fast as the next day are available at checkout.

Appropriate Funeral Neckties

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It's important to dress appropriately when attending a funeral. Here's what you should wear.

Do you have to wear a tie to a funeral? Here's a look at funeral tie etiquette and what to do if you don't have an appropriate tie.

The dress code is pretty standard when attending a funeral: Black. Here are black ties properly suited for a funeral.

It isn't always possible to wear a suit to a funeral. Here's what to do if you must attend a funeral and don't own a suit.

You know you should wear a tie to a funeral, so here's a look at 5 neckties that will always be funeral appropriate.

Yes, you should wear a tie to a funeral. But not these 5. Here's what not to wear to a funeral.

It's important to be dressed appropriately in the funeral home business. Let's take a look at funeral director tie styles and colors.

Appropriate Funeral Accessories

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Infographic: How To Dress For A Funeral

Men's Funeral Attire FAQ

Have a question about funeral attire? You're not alone. Here are the top men's funeral attire questions.

What color tie do I wear to a funeral?

Just like a suit, etiquette says to wear a black necktie to a funeral. This could be a solid black tie, a tone-on-tone black tie or a subtle black pattern. If you don't have a black tie and don't have time to purchase one, don't panic. Dark colored ties like gray, navy blue, hunter green or a deep maroon are okay to wear, too.

What color suit do I wear to a funeral?

Etiquette says to wear a black suit to a funeral. If you don't have a black suit, don't rush out to purchase one. A dark gray or even navy blue suit can be worn instead.

Do I have to wear a suit to a funeral?

While most men will wear a suit to a funeral, no one is going to ask you to leave if you're not wearing one. A dress shirt, necktie and a pair of slacks is an appropriate alternative to a suit.

Do I have to wear a tie to a funeral?

The appropriate thing to do is to wear a tie to a funeral, even if it's not your norm. If you're wearing a suit, definitely make the effort to wear a tie. However, if time is of the essence and you simply can’t get an appropriate tie in time, no one will make you leave a funeral for not wearing a necktie. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is appropriate, and dress as you would if you were wearing a tie. If this means a button down shirt, tuck it in and unbutton the top button. If the weather allows, you can add a nice sweater over that collared shirt so it's not quite so obvious that you're not wearing a tie. Overall, your clothes should be clean and wrinkle free.

Can I wear a bow tie to a funeral?

Even if the only black tie you own is a bow tie, bow ties are not appropriate for a funeral. Don't get us wrong, we love bow ties, but they can be distracting at a funeral. You want to draw the least amount of attention to yourself as possible, which means opting for a necktie over the bow tie.

Where do I buy a tie for a funeral?

If you need a tie quickly, you're at the right place. Here at TieMart we offer a wide range of in-stock and funeral-appropriate ties. Orders placed by 12 pm central time leave our warehouse the same day, and shipping as fast as the next business day is available at checkout. As far as selecting a tie, take a look at these black funeral ties. You'll find all of these neckties appropriate and respectful for a funeral.

Are black ties only for funerals?

Absolutely not! While a black tie is most commonly worn for funerals and formal events like weddings, it also can be worn to the office, a job interview, even casually with a collared shirt and jeans.

What do I wear to a summer funeral?

For men, a suit will always be an appropriate choice for a funeral—no matter how hot it gets. If you're truly worried you will be too warm in a suit coat, wear a dress shirt, necktie and slacks or suit pants. However, you should still bring a sportcoat or that suit coat with. When you arrive at the funeral, see what the other men are wearing. If everyone is wearing a jacket, it's best to put it on.

Just an FYI, shorts, tees, tank tops and sandals are always inappropriate for a funeral.

Everything says to wear black, but the family asked me to wear a specific color. What do I do?

Sometimes a family decides to honor their loved one by having everyone wear a certain color to the funeral. Pink, green, blue. The color chosen is usually something meaningful, like a cancer ribbon color. In this case, if you were asked to wear something unusual to a funeral we recommend that you do. It doesn't have to be your entire outfit from head to toe in that color, but a necktie or pocket square is a nice touch that will mean a lot to the family.

Can I wear jeans to a funeral?

Jeans are not considered appropriate funeral attire, even in dark colors. Unless requested by the family, business casual is the least casual you should dress for a funeral. And you should only dress business casual if you do not have access to a suit or more formal attire.

However, let’s be real. Sometimes things happen and the only pants you have access to before a funeral is denim. In this case, it’s better to wear those jeans and attend the funeral than not go at all. (No one is going to ask you to leave a funeral for wearing jeans.) So, if you must attend a funeral in jeans, make sure it’s your darkest pair of denim and try to select a pair that’s free of holes. Dress the jeans up as much as possible. A polo or dress shirt, necktie, blazer, dress shoes. You may feel a little awkward being the only person in jeans, but you’ll be glad you attended nonetheless.

Can I wear a hat to a funeral?

Yes, a formal men’s hat like a fedora, driving cap or derby hat can be worn to a funeral. (Casual hats like baseball caps and beanies are inappropriate for a funeral.) Just like the rest of your attire, the hat should be a dark muted color in a solid or subdued pattern. In some religions and cultures, a men’s head should be covered at all times while indoors at a funeral. However, aside from these exceptions, hats should be removed when going indoors, especially in a church. When outside, remove your hat during a burial service or when a funeral procession passes. During a military service, when the American flag is presented you should remove your hat as well.

Can I wear brown shoes to a funeral?

Most men will wear black shoes to a funeral and if you have a pair, we suggest wearing black shoes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear brown shoes. Brown is a dark muted color and okay to wear to a funeral. Brown shoes pair well with navy, brown and lighter gray suits. Just like black, if you’re wearing brown shoes to a funeral make sure they’re clean and polished (if needed).

How do I know if my outfit is appropriate for a funeral?

If you're asking this question, it's probably not. When it comes to funeral attire, think black or dark muted colors and subtle to no patterns. There's no one to impress at a funeral so don't try to show how trendy you are, even if that's your normal style. Keep your outfit neat, low key and respectful.

Should I get a haircut before attending a funeral?

If you're overdue for a haircut, make an effort to be groomed for the funeral. Get a haircut, and trim or shave your beard if you have one. Your overall appearance at a funeral is all about showing respect.

What is a wake or viewing?

A wake or viewing is typically held the day before or morning of a funeral service, with the body or ashes of the deceased present. It is typically informal and held at a funeral home. It is a time to pay your respects to the deceased and give your condolences to the family. A wake or viewing is more social than a funeral, and close family and friends often stay through the entire event. It is a time to share stories about the deceased and and mourn together.

What do I wear to a wake?

Wake attire is similar to funeral attire. If you own more than one suit, it is best to wear a suit to a wake. (Choose your darkest or black suit for the funeral. A dark gray or navy suit is fine for a wake.) If you only have one suit, keep it for the funeral. Instead, dress business appropriate to the wake. A collared shirt, tie and slacks. You can add a sweater or blazer over your shirt, too. While you’re not restricted to black at a wake, you should still only wear dark colors and no bold patterns or trendy attire.

How is a memorial service different than a funeral?

A memorial service is the same as a funeral, but a body is not present. Unless the memorial service is described as casual, you should dress the same way you would to a funeral.

Why do we wear black to a funeral?

In the United States and western cultures, black is traditionally worn to funerals to signify mourning. Wearing black is not new and dates back to Roman times when dark-colored togas were worn to funerals. The tradition eventually made its way back to England where the upper class wore black to show mourning. In fact, when a women’s husband died she was expected to year all black for an entire year.

Does every culture wear black to funerals?

No. While most western cultures wear black to a funeral, other regions of the world wear different colors. China, India and other countries in the Middle East wearing white to signify mourning. In Thailand, as well as Catholic funerals in Brazil, purple is worn. Grey is worn in Papua New Guinea. In Egypt, yellow and gold are the colors of mourning. In Mexico yellow is a color of mourning.

Funeral Tie Reviews

The ties were great with black shirts and black pants for the grandsons to wear. The seven were pallbearers at their grandfather's funeral. They looked handsome and everyone had positive comments as they looked sharp!

Annette K.

Great needed a bunch of ties for my funeral director husband and bought him solid colors! The ties came in extra long fit him great and look good. Wide Varity of colors.

Heather H.

We ordered these for pallbearers at a funeral and they looked wonderful. The material was great and the rich purple color really stood out with their white shirts and black suits.

Benita B.


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